Tuesday, December 28, 2010

on the naughty list...

i've put myself on the naughty list for being such a bad blogger...lucky christmas is over and i have all my presents :)
hoping to get back to the old me by the 1st of january!!
above is a picture of my christmas rosettes, they didnt come back home to me...i hope they made someones home very shabbily festive.
i have started a range of these rosettes in childrens names. they will be available out at lilly cottage and friends this sunday in a range of colours. orders of names and colours can be taken and each rosette is $4.
I will be back with more pictures once i can get my camera to load onto the computer, for some reason they do not want to play together today!!
i hope you all had a wonderful christmas and the new year is the best one yet.