Tuesday, December 28, 2010

on the naughty list...

i've put myself on the naughty list for being such a bad blogger...lucky christmas is over and i have all my presents :)
hoping to get back to the old me by the 1st of january!!
above is a picture of my christmas rosettes, they didnt come back home to me...i hope they made someones home very shabbily festive.
i have started a range of these rosettes in childrens names. they will be available out at lilly cottage and friends this sunday in a range of colours. orders of names and colours can be taken and each rosette is $4.
I will be back with more pictures once i can get my camera to load onto the computer, for some reason they do not want to play together today!!
i hope you all had a wonderful christmas and the new year is the best one yet.

Monday, November 22, 2010

couldnt be prettier!

our little cottage just gets prettier each week. Linda has been hard at work these last few weeks, i just love coming to work on a Sunday to find new items to ooh and aaah over. Renata brought in some gorgeous quilled Christmas cards but i wasn't fast enough to photograph them before someone snatched them up! i have a feeling she will post some pics on her blog here. and my glass baubles sold out in a jiffy which means that i will be doing nothing but baubles ALL week!
anyhow i did manage to take a few photos, wish you could all visit in person...
care for a cup of tea?
birds and flowers on the main display table.
here are some of Renata's amazing quilled snow flakes and Christmas cards...there were more on here but i wasn't fast enough to get a picture :) a wonderful way to use those vintage napkins... pillows, bears and soaps oh my! isn't this bear just lovely!?! a very special lady makes these...each of my girls has one...each one is different but equally gorgeous. the Christmas tree is a nice mix of shabby and traditional my favourite corner... I'll take the shelf and everything on it please!
puppy love... and a little taste of Linda's sense of humor...yes the cat is in the bird cage...either the bird flew away or the cat is no longer hungry :)
did you enjoy that virtual tour?? i love going to work, i get to sit and stitch and talk to lovely customers all day... not really sure if i should call it work at all!
enjoy your week and thanks for popping in...will be having a Christmas giveaway very very soon.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

thrifty finds..some for the cottage and some for me

i went thrifting and look at what i found....
some will go to the shop...
am i the only one that fancies fine china made in japan?? these are the sweetest little pale pink and egg shell green dishes...*swoon* i love unusual vases, this has the prettiest rim, why would anyone give it away?
and some will stay with me...
talk about unusual rims! look at this hobnail milk glass vase. i am not %100 sure that it is true milk glass but i don't care! it is stunning...i am quickly running out of space in my china cabinet...
how about this darling piece of Carlton ware. it has some crazing but it is circa 1930's. other than that it is in perfect condition. the photos don't do its pink colour justice *double swoon*
and some i haven't made my mind up about...like this 'swan Carlton' aluminium and Bakelite teapot..
sweet sweet sweet!!! the inside is a bit too grimy to use but perfect for displays or a mad hatter tea party stuffed with something whimsical.
and then there is this find... $24 for a 24 piece set of 'rose garden' china. i don't know or care what it is worth but i do know that the wow factor is high...4 cups, saucers and toast plates plus dinner plates and rather small soup bowls (someone might have a better idea of what they are) i haven't pictured it all here sorry how could i pass it up? i am thinking of having all of my sisters around for high tea when my sister returns from London...as there are 4 of us it will make the perfect setting don't you think...
i think i will hold onto this set and not pop it out at the cottage, it will become something my girls can pass onto their girls one day...
apart from thrifting i have been curling bits of paper and popping into baubles and working on some gorgeous Christmas banners.
have you thrifted anything lately?? I'd love to know about it..

Monday, November 8, 2010

cottage pretties

just popping in with a few photos of my latest makes which are now for sale out at the cottage. i am in love with these items and will one day make some as a feature for my family room wall. i didn't get any photos of my Christmas baubles which have all sold out...but thanks to the lovely Linda and her mad dash to the suppliers i will be quilling ( well my version of quilling) my little fingers off and there will be plenty of baubles for the festive season!
super sweet and a great addition to any room
an instant change to a bare wall
these can be used year after year, a wise investment
and these doily fairy lights are so sweet!
i just love them and need to make some for my family room.
there you have it fabric hoops and doily lights. the baubles are stunning if i do say so myself and sold well last year too. i am working on some more shabby Christmas pieces and i am swooning over my latest version of a garland...will give you a sneak peek one day soon.
best be off, miss 4 is demanding that i make her an iced coffee...such fanciful tastes don't you think?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

been working on an order...

the man in the big red suit is breathing down our necks and i have been busy working on an order...they are for a lovely gal who runs 'the ugly duckling' blog/facebook. she likes to source other peoples products and promote them on her site. these little pretties will be making their way to her home for her to sell at her next fair...
each comes with its own little stand. if you didn't want to display them on a table top you could use them to hold a Christmas card in place on top of a present or pop a little piece of tinsel around their necks to hang from your tree.
and these sweeties will be available too. lovely to have on your work desk watching over you or the toy soldiers would look sweet on a boys bedroom shelf.
they will be available at the handmade expo markets just in time for Christmas.

Monday, October 11, 2010

gotta be quick

our day in the shop yesterday was wet, yet i managed to have a great day despite the rain. i guess it makes it easy when you are surrounded by pretty cushions, lovely hand made bags, collectible china and much much more... as i had my camera there i thought i better takes some photos of some of my makes that have made there way out to the shop but not been posted on here. and lucky i did as these two found a new home. they are a Nelly Pailloux patterns that i have turned into bag or phone charms. little red riding wolf and a messenger bear who was holding this message... so darn cute!! taking photos of things that sell seems to happen quite a bit, whenever i choose one of Renata's cards as my favourite it ends up being the first to sell or if i look at Linda's blog most of the photos she posts have items in them that have found new homes.
these two frames were for our 'girly' theme they are just lovely and perfect for a shelf or wall in a little girls bedroom. and i have been having oodles of fun tizzing up an Eiffel tower! i simply cant get enough of these ivory paper flowers!
well i best be off i have 4 children home today because the rain is just to extreme to venture out into and i think they might be killing each other.
please head here to see our cottage and the new face lift she has been given.
have a great week

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

bad blogger...

it seems like ages since i posted some of my wares so i have a load of photos to make up for it. i didn't manage to get out to the shop last week so i have a few things to take out this week. i wish my hands could keep up with the ideas that are swimming around in my head but i just cant seem to find the quality time... 3 curious children get in my way 0_o i tend to leave creating until night time, when they are alll tucked up in bed, which is not always productive as i end up feeling way too tired and unmotivated. i am waiting for that time in my life when my children are bored with me and think that i am way too uncool to hang around :)
i have been working on this little display shelf which is perfect for holding miniatures. it started out life like this... and i transformed it into this 'flea market/bohemian' style creation. i had fun using the gorgeous Japanese papers i bought from Trish, i love visiting her shop!
it is just perfect for housing a mix match of items.
this little owl needs a little 'bling' before she rests on this shelf...
i have the urge to glue gun this bird into place, it is so sweet...what do you think?
i was lucky enough to find a couple of very kitsch deer ornaments, i don't even know if i want to part with them.
this one even has a beauty spot!
a little bit more for you to swoon over...
and finally a couple of sweet cut crystal bud vases and a indulgent book all about bedrooms. what more could a girl want!?!
so there you have it, i hope to add to this stash of items before sunday. i have some great ideas for new products and i hope that tonight i get to start on them. i will give you a sneak peek if i am happy with how they turn out.
happy hump day

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

birds of a feather...

our little display theme last week was all about birds and we had fun making and finding birds to 'do up' our table. Linda has rented even more space for our little shop which means we now take over 2 rooms and both veranda spaces which is lovely, but also means we need to keep creating pretty items. having a theme is wonderful as it keeps me on track but i must also devote time to making other things that are not related to the theme in the lead up to Christmas. my glass baubles sold well last year and i have a few made that didn't sell in July so i have a head start on those but i must not rest on my laurels as our Christmas display will be starting before i know it.
anyhow, here are a few photos from our display, the first stitchery was sold to the lovely Linda, she saw it on my face book page and had to have it! nice to know it has gone to a good home ~_~
i had fun stitching this little bird and and even covered the back all by myself without asking for help :) here are my flock of terry toweling ducks ready for some baby love. a gorgeous china trio, hard to resist buying this myself! assorted cards made by each of us.
love heart and bird garlands and some gorgeous table runners. a truly magnificent pillow hand stitched by Linda. she uses doilies and patches of fabric to create these one of a kind piece of art for your home. and some of our brooches...
i must remind you that if you see something on here that you fancy, drop me an email or leave a comment and i will get back to you with a price and whether or not the stock is still available. i love having online stores but i find very little time to update them!
this weeks theme is fairy tales and i haven't even started!!! thanks for visiting.