Monday, February 28, 2011

squeal if you love squirrels

one of the best things about being at home with my youngest is that i get to go hunting through the thrift shops any day of the week to find quirky little things that want to find a better home out at our cottage. if i was working full time i would NEVER get to go thrifting! i know that my time at home is coming to an end as Claudia enters prep next year and i will have to find some sort of work to pass the days away, but for now i enjoy turning ugly old frames into pretty shabby frames and buying lonely little pieces just longing for a new home.
what a sweet little trio this makes.
this would be perfect in a little girls room on a shabby little shelf
cute cute cute.
i didn't manage to make it out to Lilly cottage and friends yesterday so i am not sure if these guys are still there or have found a new home..the little picture in the frame came from one of my Frankie magazines and was just perfect for the frame.
do you like to thrift? what will your next find be?? that's the best part about thrifting, you never know what you will find.
happy thrifting

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

what i am working on this wednesday...

just one little picture to share today... a little stitchery i started for valentines day but ran out of thread and the day has been and gone. i am hoping that it will still capture someones heart, maybe for mothers day ~_~ and in the corner of the picture is something i am working on for as an Easter display out at the cottage which is currently full to the brim of new gorgeous pretties thanks to the lovely Linda. i really wish you could see the little cottage for yourself, Linda fills it with her handmade goodness and adds other pieces that go so well together. i add my little touches here and there but on a much smaller scale. it really is so sweet!
best go and finish the back of the stitchery and keep adding to my Easter treats.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

be mine

i do love the month of February...valentines day is closely followed by my birthday so i am treated to a romantic dinner for valentines day and then spoilt with gifts for my birthday. now that we have children going out for dinner involves too many processes so instead we treat ourselves to oysters kilpatrick and a bottle of champagne once the children are tucked up in bed. this year i have the movie valentines day to watch as that was one of my presents in my stocking :) as the budget is tight at the moment i have only asked for 1 gorgeous book and money to buy something from the doll and bear show that will be in my neck of the woods a couple of days after my birthday.
it is hard to believe that we have hit double digits in February, i have already broken one of my promises to myself...i promised that i would list 10 items into my online shops by the end of January...alas that did not happen. i guess i should be proud of myself for listing 2 items before the end of February!!
use the links on the side bar if you wish to take a peek at my listings and if all goes well i will be listing more items before the end of this month (but don't hold your breath)
best be off to do some sort of romantic stitchery and possible paint an item or two...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

curious collection

i don't know about you, but i seem to be drawn to miniature things and usually gasp when i see a little glass lidded box holding tiny treasures inside. over a year ago i bought a glass lidded box and started to fill it with little collectables and added to it every now and then. just recently as i was adding to my box, i realised that now that i share a retail space with Linda and Renata we could be one of those shops that have one of those boxes. so...
here it is ready to be taken out to our little cottage
i made those lockets, very sweet indeed. and the pill boxes are so small and so sweet.
i loved making the lockets and i filled the little bottles with alice in wonderland themed charms
sheet music rolled into this bottle...*swoon*
this little case will live out at the cottage and i will enjoy watching those people, who like me, make a bee line straight for it :)
do you like these sorts of curious collections or am i the only one? i am always on the look out for small and quirky items. what do you love to collect?
wishing you a safe second half of the week and hoping that mother nature settles down.