Monday, March 22, 2010

pretty present topper

i have finally added some peg dolls to my etsy and madeit shops. i have priced them at $4 plus postage and would make a lovely addition to the top of a present. my mister has created individual clear plastic stands so that they can be displayed on your desk or shelf. i have a range of colours available but could also custom make to suit any colour desired.
pop her through the ribbon and put the card into the peg and voila... sweet little present topper, an extra gift :)
the clear plastic stand keeps her standing nice and tall.
some the other colours available at the moment.
are you impressed with my artistic photographic design? i am learning how to use the light box i recently made...
each doll is different but as sweet as the next ^_^
she is so sweet!
there you have it...i now have 5 items in each store my aim would be to have 10 by the end of the month but i need more time to create!
have a great week ahead. we are counting the sleeps until the Easter break...11 more sleeps until Good Friday.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

getting there...

in my last post i was working on a few little things...i haven't seem to have gotten very far, life has a habit of getting in the way! (see my other blog to understand)
i have been working on a few Easter themed ideas... take a chick, a tiny wooden block and cut some scrapping paper to size and what do you get...
she was so cute i had to make a few more...i have plenty more chicks and cubes so i guess i might just make a whole chook house full of them. the lighting isn't very good but you get the idea.
my naked peg dolls are almost finished...
6 started 6 to go
hubby fashioned me a plastic stand perfect for keeping your gal upright and on your desk!
here's a closer look at the stand. i just love these peg dolls but as they serve no real purpose i am not sure if other people would be interested enough to buy them... i think they would make the perfect mothers day present :)
and finally, look what i won..the most gorgeous envelope template! christy over at sweet tidings hosts giveaways on her blog and i was lucky enough to win this one. i only enter those giveaways that i really want to win so i was very happy to have won this one
visit there shop for hte most kawaii gifts you can imagine. cant wait to use it!!
i guess i best be off to finish my peg dolls so that i can list a few and see how they go.
have a great saint patricks day!
xx rosey

Monday, March 8, 2010

what are you making monday

i had a little go at stitching a bird and it gave me the pips, so i went back and embellished more of these little chicks..
and then i had some fun playing with paper and other bits and pieces and made these....
and last night i got restless and painted up these beauties ready for their dresses tonight while desperate housewives is on ~_~
i am having so much fun with each of these craftings, i have more ideas in my mind but not enough hours in the day!
so what are you making this Monday??

Monday, March 1, 2010

more craftin fun

i have been at it again....i cant get enough of these little chicks on sticks.
i am the first to admit that there is nothing hard about what i am doing and any monkey with glue could do the same...but when someone else does it for you why would you.
i am having making other bits and pieces too but the rainy weather means that my photos don't come up very well.
i am working on perfecting these little toadstools which i crafted out of Styrofoam balls which i want to put in a little terrarium of sorts.
above all i am having fun...i am starting to get into being a stay at home mum...the guilt is the biggest hurdle. when you have worked since you were 14 staying at home and not bringing in a steady income seems wrong. but i have to remind myself that being a mother and a house wife is a full time job in itself. i know that i will have to work at some stage but it will be on my terms and conditions with no strings attached.
thanks for listening, you guys are GREAT!
off to make som fru fru tags (well at least i hope they turn out shabby/vintage)