Saturday, January 30, 2010

at last!

mister moo and i had reason to do the 'happy happy joy joy' dance the other day;let me introduce you to the origin of our joy... the prettiest sight... which closes up and starts the process of becoming a fruit
we have been in this house for almost 3 years. we planted a passion fruit vine, when we first moved in, which did not fruit but was a tremendous vine to look at. after almost 2 years we decided that we had the only non flowering vine in the universe and ripped it out and planted 2 more vines... just when all hope was gone along came this baby...
i almost cried with excitement which we had to conceal cause if Claudia got wind of it she would pull the flower right off in an instant. we have a funny feeling that it flowered because of all the recent rain..we didn't water the first vine a whole lot due to water restrictions so perhaps in a way it was our fault it didn't fruit. anyhow, since these photos were taken we have discovered at least 3 more flowers so now i guess we have to wait to see what they taste like!! what an exciting discovery and of course a great feeling to eat you own produce. our garden seems to be busy at the moment. although i haven't seen any bees, there always seems to be a beautiful butterfly in our yard
the rain has made the ants find refuge in our wooden gate. i freaked when i saw this! it was like an anthill in our lattice work. the white dots are eggs. i sprayed them all, which i felt bad about but i had no other choice.
and then with all of the rain i found this little fella in the wrong spot
a green tree frog! so small and so cute and bloody fast! before i got the chance to zoom in he was off. the only problem with this weather is the fleas!! as soon as we walk outside we find ourselves being attacked by the little critters. i am trying my hardest to monitor everyone as they walk in the house because i DO NOT want them in my house! i dont know where they come from or how to get rid of them either...
the vine resides in my favourite garden
ignore the crap in the background, mister needs to do a dump run @_@
it isn't much to look at but it holds lots of good memories and feelings for me. i call it my rock garden as this is where the girls place all of their painted rocks.
this is on the side but you can see how cute it is.
it is also where my lavender bush grows. it was a parting gift from my sister Anita before she left to go back to London. i have recently pruned it to within an inch of its life. have no clue what i am doing but i do love the scent if offers and the fact that when i smell it it reminds me of my Sweet sister.
it is also home to some strawberries, basil and chives. i love that it is over grown with a ground cover and the stepping stones are hard to spot. the girls have also added other items as have i...fairies, lady beetles, dragonflies and various other statues. it is also the garden which houses 'Andrea's flower' we planted it when we first found out that she had cancer. the day it bloomed i knew that she would beat it and soon after we got the good news that she had the all clear.
which brings me to my last point...micks younger brother has cancer...he first found he had cancer in his knee 2 years ago which they removed but advised him that because it was so rare that if it ever returned they would not be able to help him...we have just been given the news that his lungs have many tumors and that he only has months to live...
each time i say that i start to could it be? it doesn't seem real...he cant die, he is only 32, he has a small child, a young wife a whole life ahead of him...
so this is what i am going to do...i am going to dig a hole place one of the fairy wishes Anita made over a year ago and hope to see it bloom....
your prayers would be much appreciated. i will start the novina for paddy and another dear friend Trev tonight and hope that a miracle happens.
thanks for your support, without this blog and the friendships i have formed life would be a lonely.

Friday, January 29, 2010

how much would you pay?

hello out there...i have a little request. i have managed to find a little time to make two more peg dolls after falling in love with the process at Christmas time (see posts below). i have managed to create two similar ladies but with enough differences for you to say which you prefer.
question 1... front facing so you can only see one leg or side facing so that you can see two legs but they are on the side? (does this make sense?)
front facing so you can only see one
side facing so you can just see them but turn to the side and you can see them fully.
i have given them different outfits veronica is wearing a ruffled dress while Monica is wearing a 'sequined' top and white skirt.
they are both topped of with a sparkly sequin in their hair and a set of 'pearls' around their neck.
question 2...which dress do you prefer or are they both acceptable?
question 3... are they pretty, appealing enough to pop in my online shops and if so...
question 4... how much should i try to sell them aus$ or us$ please stipulate sorry i don't have a shop that deals with pound.
i am in the process of building myself a light box so that i can photograph them properly and place them in my shop. that should give you enough time to answer my questions:)
almost reached 100 followers, might have to have a give away if that milestone ever happens....
these little peg dolls really are sweet in real life and would be perfect for a teen or that someone special in your life...add it to the wrapping of your valentine present or slide the card into her body and pop it on a pillow. show this post to the sweetheart in your life and say 'i want that' convo me if you want one before i pop them in my shop (positive thinking i know)
have a great weekend.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

little bit of trash = a whole lota treasure

hello all, back from our trip away and have finally found some time to post about the two books i bought while away. caloundra has THE best stocked Angus and Robertson book store, i spent ages thumbing through all of the crafting books that were piled on the shelves. i did give in and buy two gorgeous glossy 'have to have me' books and i don't regret one penny. of course i did other things while at the beach...
*read trashy mags
*walked everywhere
*bared my flesh in the sea
*swam in the public beach pool without getting my face wet so as to avoid 'peoples juices' as my children would call it!
*giggled under the water fountain
*drank lots and lots of coffee
*enjoyed watching my girls and mister moo frolicking in the waves
*braved some waves myself
*played the newly purchased Wii
*ate at our new fav family restaurant..hogsbreath
and much much more. we had a great time and it is now back to reality. i start back this Wednesday after 16 weeks of leave. i don't at all feel prepared but am lucky to have a very laid back but totally professional teaching partner who will remind me of how it all works.
anyhow here are some pictures of why i had to have the books
i think i bought the book cause of this wee gal.
the collectors book is full of great tips and easy to read descriptions...
and the pictures are to die for.
my sister has something similar to this...don't you just love it!
and talking about collecting... my little family seem to have become collectors of all things pretty and kitsch. we took ourselves out to the local trash and treasure and spent a few pennies.
i couldn't resist this swivel mirror (missing mirror but still lovely) and the tins are just what i need to store my ever growing crafting supplies.
these two in the middle look right at home after being rescued from that nasty trash heap. i really wish i worked at the trash and treasure place, i think it would be so much fun!
and this is micks purchase...he spotted it just as we were leaving.
it squawks quite well but needs a great deal of TLC but certainly looks great just on display the way it is. i think we need to stop collecting as our house is becoming over run with it all. not sure what friends and family must think?...
i haven't crafted since Christmas eve and it is really getting me down. i cant see a time when i will be able to at the moment as there is so much to do. on top of my work preparations, i have to cover school books for my girls which seems to be a staggering 20 each!! plus labeling all their pens and what not...i need a personal assistant just to get me through the next 6 weeks @_@
so i guess this might be a bit of a boring old blog for the next few weeks, till if find some time to create something. i have so many ideas but no time...i hate relying on money for so much. if it weren't for money i would be a house mummy.
ok enough of that, i sound like a broken record.
off to bed and then to work for the first time in 16 weeks
enjoy your Sunday
%*_*% rosey