Thursday, July 30, 2009

personalities are moving in...

i am having fun working on my brooch order, this next stage is so satisfying. i love the way each little babushka takes on her own personality. the colours and embellishments tend to lead what the hair colour and facial expression will be.
step one... choose matching felt colours, cut out and stitch up.
step two...choose embellishment that suits the colours.
step three... add hair colour, eyes, mouth and cheeks.
step four...i will be back with the next step in a few days time.
they are so sweet, hope the shop owner will be happy with them.
%*_*% rosey
p.s. remember to click on the pictures to enlarge them and get a better look *_*

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

my creative space

i have been lurking around many blogs peeking in at their 'creative spaces' and decided to post about mine. i am busy stitching up an order of 15 brooches and have had to put aside a request from a close friend, which is good because i cant decide which colour to go with. maybe you can help.....
here are some of my girls ready for faces and embellishments and then i have to fill them and back oh my i better get cracking!!
and here is what is causing my dilemma...
do i go with the plain blue on the left or the cream and greens on the right???
i have had a request for a boyish type babushka and since i mainly deal with pinks and roses etc.. this has been quite hard...
i am leaning toward the green and maybe finding a less bright green felt. what do you think? the blue is nice and the front piece is as boyish as i could find, sort of a paisley, frondy type pattern on the material. choosing colours for another person would have to be THE hardest thing about making presents :)
anyhow there you have it, busy teacher and mother who just wants to stitch instead. enjoy the rest of your week
%*_*% rosey

Saturday, July 25, 2009

wrong number? or is it...

hello folks,
let me start this post with a nice little story to tickle your fancy...
it always amazes me how we can store so many phone numbers in our head but forget what we wanted to buy the moment we walk into the shop. anyhow on the rare occasion that i forgot my fathers number i managed to ring a single 72 year old who lives with in 15 minutes from my dear old single father. what a lovely conversation we had it went a little like this... (single lady in pink me in black)
hello, this cant be my dads number as he doesn't have a female in his house, or does he? he he
no you must have the wrong number
you wouldn't happen to be single would you?
as a matter of fact i am, he he he
how old are you?
really so is my father... where do you live?
margate where does your father live?
petrie (after a little giggle) well thank you for your time i will ring the right number now and check on my father he hasn't been all that well.
OK take care, bye
sweet conversation hey? well it gets better.. the other night i called the wrong number again and after a second or two realised it was the same lady!! it was truly an accident the numbers are so close it is easy to do. anyhow she was so lovely once again...
oh no i have done it again... it is me again i accidentally rang you a little while ago...
oh yes i remember, how is your dad?
hes fine thanks for asking, what is your name?
ok pat sorry once again but it was nice talking with you. bye
hows that for freaky!?!? what a nice lady though, she remembered our conversation and even asked after my father... wrong number?? or destiny!
anyhow i have been dabbling with my artistic side and have found that i am not that good at it :) but had fun anyway...
mister moo had some fun trying to turn up some kokeshi dolls for me but they looked a bit more like toadstools...
here are his attempts
i started them last week and have only just had time to finish them...
lili strategically placed that dead twig in the background so that it looked like a bare tree in winter
the little kokeshi type doll is visiting her fairy neighbours...
i painted all of one and used coloured pens on another
the one that the visitor is standing beside is the one with pen one it.. the pens seems to bleed a bit so it might not be such a good choice.
but i guess for my first attempt they aren't too bad, sweet to have something else to believe in. once i varnish them they will live in our enchanted painted rock garden.
this is mister moos second attempt... getting better.
have a great weekend
%*_*% rosey
p.s. head over to my other blog to see how i spent last sunday...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

finished at last!!

personalised babushka doll! well it has been couple of weeks since Adelaide's christening and i am finally finished and happy with her present. she is a little lop sided but that doesn't matter. i added some ribbon, i used two different types as i didn't have any plain red satin ribbon which totally amazes me as i have about 100 different rolls of ribbon!!
two different types of ribbon, but both equally as cute.
i just love the pink crocheted heart.
there you have it one hand made doll ready for my best friends.
i must say a big thank you to one red robin for making such a great pattern available!
will be blogging about what i am up to on my other blog soon
smooches rosey
p.s. your comments make me so happy!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

almost ready to post

i have been working on my christening present for baby Adelaide, i wasn't happy with my first attempt
remember this lop sided head and body disaster...
but my second is coming along much better. i took my time with the machine sewing stage and she isn't as lop sided.
i had to use a different backing fabric and one side is still not right but overall she is much better.
i am not happy with the base and would change that next time but overall i think that Darren and Sarena will be happy with it.
i used one of the gorgeous crocheted flowers that i received in a Valentine swap from seashells and silver (thanks Kimberley) she bought them from this etsy shop ~ ~
and i personalized this babushka, all that is left to do is hunt down the red ribbon for her front and sides. i couldn't understand how to put the ribbons in before i sewed her shut so i will do it differently. (i put bells on my first one and they are just as sweet)
i will be back with a final photo, i would like to have her finished tonight as i start back at work tomorrow and need to concentrate on the term ahead.
smooches to you all and enjoy your week.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

drumroll please...

thanks for all of your suggestions for naming the littlest soggibottom bear. i decided on GORDON...apart from being a great name it is also the family name of my mothers sister, who from memory lived in Ramsay street, get it Gordon Ramsay?? (thanks Teresa)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

i have a beary soggibottom :)

yes folks, that is a good thing to have!!
a little while ago bunny introduced me to a blog called soggibottom. the very first visit i took led me to her giveaway. now not expecting to win, i answered her question of what name would i give to the gorgeous bear if i were to win him. the first name that popped into my head was Montgomery. i went on my merry way, to be honest i forgot about it altogether, you can imagine my surprise and excitement when Michelle told me the good news.
a little while later this arrived on our doorstep and inside were these TWO sweeter than sweet bears.
a gorgeous hand written note and not one but two bears. i was not expecting the smaller bear and as of yet have not named him...i would like it to be an English type name like Rupert. maybe you have some suggestions??
anyhow these two have been having some fun hanging out with some of our hand made friends.
they generally live on the hutch but here they are enjoying a spot of sun...
getting a little nostalgic for home.... which is soon replaced by fun and laughter with some of the gang from the hutch.
oh yes it is easy to imagine the adventures these guys get up to after midnight :0)
thanks again Michelle these fellas are truly loved and will forever be in our care.
do yourself a favour and follow the links to these two fantastic blogs, you will not be sorry.
right now i am going to take my fighting trio to a park as they seem to be going STIR CRAZY!! smooches rosey
p.s. what name should i give the smaller bear??