Thursday, May 27, 2010

how regular are you?

strange title?? well thanks to some wheeling and dealing by the lovely Linda of Lilly cottage Renata and i will be regulars at the petrie markets. yep same spot every 2nd and 4th Sunday and in our place the famous Linda and her van of pretties will be on show. so each Sunday you will be sure to find something pretty, handmade or vintage to give as a gift to someone or yourself. i forgot to take along my camera so i cant show you shots of what was sold but along with some lavender hearts and other pretties, a heat wheat bag that looked like the one in the picture only with the pink fabric
and the cutest little panda bag charm that was taken home by a gorgeous tween.
sort of like this little shroom girl (turn your head or your computer to see her the right way up) only it was a cute cute cute panda with a stick of bamboo.
so i have a bit of a break until the 13th of june, our next market date. i have some other ideas up my sleeve but will also make a few more heat wheat bags using the other corduroy colours that i have. Renata and i have also talked about a Christmas in July themed Sunday so keep us in mind if you wish to host your own festive party and wish to gift your guests with something christmassy and handmade.
check out my other blog (my family blog) agapanthas and goldsworthy to see how badly my little one cut her head...
off to have a cuddle with that little one.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

good old fashioned fun

i will be heading to the petrie markets this sunday the 23rd of may with my market buddy renata. if you head to her blog you can get a glimpse of what she will have to offer and if you scroll down this post you will see my newest make... forget games that involve batteries or heads down and no communication how about some old fashion fun!
yes it is my new travel anywhere, fits on your lap, folds up and fits in your pocket or bag fabric TIC TAC TOE!! it is available in my online shop or will be for purchase at the markets. only one so far but i hope to make a second tonight and of course heaps more when i find the time.
fill in the time at the doctors surgery playing with your children...
easy to hold and easy to wash. linen and calico, fully reversible, eco friendly and a cheap investment that will last a life time...well if you treat it well :)
hope to see some locals out and about at the petrie markets, dayboro rd 8-2pm 23rd may
%*_*% rosey

Monday, May 10, 2010

the name game...

a big warm hello to you all on this grey and overcast Monday...the day started out so sunshiny and bright but the rain is falling and my tootsies are cold! after a very restful mothers day i managed to whip up a new little softie similar to my other babushkas but with less felt, more fabric and a little bit bigger.
i hope to make a few of these and have them nestled in a basket waiting for a new home along with a few other softies. these dolls are small enough to fit in a small childs hand, easy to grasp and although it has a sequin on it i feel that it is small enough not to pose the threat of choking.
now my question to you is...what do i call these new little plushies?? i have this little bunny design i worked on last year, i have only made this one and am yet to attempt another..
i would like to make enough to fill a little basket and then have a tag on the basket with a cute little name for this eclectic bunch of far i have come up with these two choices...
'itty-bitty port-a-pals' or 'itty-bitty buddies' what do you think?? are either of those names good enough? or can you think of a better name?!?
i would love to know what you think. i wont ask you to price them for me cause i know how hard that is :)
i am also working on another design, why? cause i love to send myself batty 0_o
hope you had a wonderful mothers day, i did. totally spoiled yet again.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

market day and new makes

well market day was a big ball of fun and success!! i enjoyed sitting back in the cool surrounds out at petrie markets with my market buddy Renata and selling my hand made pretties. you can read a bit more about it over on my other blog agapanthas and goldsworthy.
and after the market day was over i promised myself a mini break from crafting and stitching...that lasted all of 2 HOURS as i put together another lavender dress and this....
YES it is my very first attempt at a gorgeous and useful heat wheat bag! i am finally using some of the corduroy i bought ages ago and made this segmented bag of therapy.
you simply fold it to fit in your microwave and heat it for approximately 2 and half minutes. i will be making many of these to sell at my next market stall on the 23rd of this month. i wont be adding these to my online stores as the cost to ship them would be too hefty, so the only way to get your hands on one is to come and visit me in person:) i am still not sure on a price yet but i am thinking between $20 $25, what do you think? is that a reasonable price? too much or too little? you know i just love your advice!!
plus i am finally back onto this little beauty...
i started it so very long ago that i cant even find the post about it...
i have progressed...
i have almost even finished it... there is one part that i absolutely HATE but i would have to unpick so much that my heart would break... i will show you one day and you might be able to help me overcome the problem.
anyhow, thanks for your support leading up to my first market day. we will be out again later this month and would just love to see you there. come and support local hand made, you wont be disappointed.
have a great Wednesday.