Wednesday, October 28, 2009

from beanbag to bunting

~warning this post has evidence of me using the sewing machine~
a few weeks ago i found this gorgeous beanbag at the thrift shop and i knew it was destined for a new life...
spurred on by the thought of holding a market stall, i decided to turn this pretty material into bunting. after a little search on the net for some ideas i began my quest...
i cut and pinned my flags
at last my first flag sewn and turned the right way, yes sewn with the machine!!
on a roll i just couldn't stop...i am not sure how far apart to pin them so please tell me if i need to do it differently next time.
and here it is above our bed. the picture quality isn't that great...our next big want is a digital SLR...I'll keep dreaming @_@
and here it is above Mia's bed, it looks lovely, i will have to make some more.
unfortunately the bias binding i bought had some patches of colour on it which has shown up here, the flags are fully reversible though so i guess i can just turn it over to hide that messy spot.
it has found a resting place above my fabric and crafting table. i am hoping it will look lovely on my market table (when i finally have that stall)
i used the janomie sewing machine that used to belong to my mother in law and i feel quite good about my efforts. maybe a name change is in order :p
i follow a lady on twitter who does this for a living...hats off to her as she attempts to make a bunting with 200 flags!!
%*_*% rosey

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

wool felt luuurve...

some of you may know that every now and then i moonlight as a lilly cottage worker when the lovely owner is too sick to make it in to the shop. my husband very kindly looks after the girls, which isn't that hard, while i trot along to petrie to wrap and chat the day away. well to thank me for the days that i have done recently, Linda gifted me this...
a gorgeous book filled with little projects for me to try and this most adorable Dorn felted rabbit. Linda knows that watership down is my favourite book so this little lady fits right into the world i am currently escaping to every night as i read page after page...
and she has come at the perfect time as my other Dorn rabbit was beginning to look a bit forlorn, now he is as happy as a pig in mud!
don't they look cosy? *^_^*
and of course they have a little pup to look after...
my eldest daughter bought this little girl earlier in the year at a bear and doll show. what a sweet family they make...i guess next time i see a Dorn display i will have to add to the growing collection :)
thanks Linda, you are so thoughtful!
thanks for all of your feedback on the chalkboards...i am going to price them at $22 and see what sort of response i get...that is when i get my act together and have the market stall =]
off to swimming lessons with the girls. have a great week
%*_*% rosey

Monday, October 12, 2009

secret project revealed

remember these?...
well this is what they have become... little pastel chalkboards for you to write sweet nothings to your sweetheart, write your wish list, write your never ending 'to do' list or anything you want to write. perfect for your children's room or rumpus too. i have painted them in pastel colours and given that pre loved look. here is my favourite ~ cottage green (the lighting wasn't very good)
each comes with a hand made felt duster and a little parcel of coloured chalk. (i will have to post a picture of that when they are all ready)
what do you think? i just love them and love that each one is different but still a compliment to any room. my biggest problem is knowing how much to charge for them. i have already realised that in this business you don't get paid for your 'time' so i am not taking that into account...i was thinking of $18, someone has even said they would pay up to $25...what do you think? i really really need your opinions and help...
thanks for your comments, they help me tremendously.
here are some pics of the actual finished product. a hand made felt duster and bundle of coloured chalk
just gorgeous but as you can see ICANTSEW!!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

market stall in mind

i finally dropped off my order to shona at funky fabrix and have decided to dedicate the next two weeks to building up enough stock to hold my own market stall. i haven't got a huge array of items for a stall but i guess i have to start somewhere and i can gauge the publics interest in my products and try to build on my designs. i am dedicating parts of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to my stitching and other things that relate to my stall. i am giving you a sneak peek at something we have been working on for the stall... mick built them and the girls painted the sealer. mia really enjoys anything crafty and is always asking to stitch or paint, i just need to be less lazy and set it up for her. lili loves to paint and is working on her own little project for the stall. and here is a peek at the second stage of production., these colours are just lovely and hopefully appealing to the public. i am in the process of giving them that pre-loved look but i am not sure how good they will look. i will post a picture of the end product...can you guess what they are?? so that is my plan...petrie markets here i come :) wish me luck. happy weekend xx rosey

Monday, October 5, 2009

guess who is doing the happy dance?

yes folks i am dancing round the lounge room cause the order is complete! this is my first bulk order of hearts and birds and i am so happy with the end product. i cant wait to get started on my own stash! i made a little heart garland out of the scraps and am going to get started on a whole heap of shabby fabric ones. it is my intention to have a market stall next month, i haven't investigated the possibility fully but i need to set my self a goal and a deadline. i was also looking into making myself some bunting for the stall...yes i am going to tackle bunting which means facing the dreaded machine :p
i have lots of questions about holding a stall and would appreciate any suggestions or advice.
do i need an ABN number just to hold a stall? what sort of 'tent' is best?
should i play music?
the questions are endless and i am not sure where to start to look for the answers...maybe i should twitter the question #_#
ok, i will leave you with some pictures of the end product. if you would like to make an order of anything for your business or home, leave a message in the comments box or find my email in my profile.
the box full to the brim...
and here it is laid out on my bed, click on the photo for a better look.
here is the garland, sweet isn't it?
the frame it is on is a secret project i am working on for my stall.
and here it is on our front entrance mirror. these mirrors can be made to order as well in this country look or shabby chic. it is so good having such a handy husband <3
off to start on some sweet garlands...and other things of course.
thanks also for your support, your comments keep me going and a big thank you to shona of funky fabrix for placing an order with me.
have a great week

Friday, October 2, 2009

i can see the light...

well i have been slowly plodding away grabbing snatches of stitching time here and there. i cant wait until Monday morning around 9am when i have deposited the children to school and the youngest to day care and i have the house to MYSELF. on that first day my priority will be to finish off any remaining hearts or birds and organise myself to take a visit over to shonas shop. at this point in time i have completed 25 and am working on 5 more birds. the order was for 30 to 40 so i am guessing i can finish a few more off between now and Monday :) i will leave you with a peek at how i am progressing.
this was my box last week...
this is the same box this week.
gorgeous fabric
cute birds waiting to be hung on your tree
i popped a few on some old branches and i thought it looked quite nice but i can imagine how nice they will look on a miniature Christmas tree.
well off to fill those last 5 birds and cut out my last 10...
have a fantastic weekend
%*_*% rosey