Friday, September 25, 2009

slower than a snail...

the order for funky fabrix is coming along rather slowly and i blame school holidays, renovations and my THREE CHILDREN for the lack of time i can spend on stitching up these pretty little ornaments. i must say the fabric that shona has supplied me with is stunning when put together. i have co-ordinated the fabrics for this set of 5 birds and i might be able to mix it up again for the next set. what do you think? will this make a nice store front display?? i can just imagine a Christmas tree adorned with all of these hearts and if i could just get back to the next 30....
i have placed them in a big box and added some nice smelly wax goodies from Lisa from inn country/olive grove primitives it smells so good each time i lift the lid to add a new ornament.
a closer peek.
here is one set of fabric combinations, i will mix it up again for the next lot.
i will do some more of these. i have more of the dotty fabric than anything else so if i run out of the other fabric i will just keep making them with the pretty dotty fabric
and here you can see the opposites used, very nice indeed.
my plans for tonight... cut out my next 10 items with the hope of working on them this weekend!
over and out.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

let the stitching begin....

school holidays have started with a bang, literally! my 7 year old just slammed the door after a fight with the middle child. 2 weeks of fighting is going to drive me round the bend. i have of course 9 weeks of long service leave to look forward to and i can guarantee that i wont be keeping anyone home from school with me on those 9 weeks!
anyhow onto other important that i have taken my teacher hat off, i can concentrate on filling the order of hearts and birds which will become a shop front display at funky fabrix come Christmas time. i started cutting out last night and am 1/4 of the way finished... i think i will finish these before i cut anymore out ...
great fabric chosen by shona.
off to start stitching.
check out my new online shop front at madeit, the link is on my side bar. i only have one item listed at the moment but when i find some time to load some more i will.
have a great weekend
%*_*% rosey

Friday, September 11, 2009

a fanciful win

ladies and gentlement, girls and boys if you do not follow this link you will be missing out on the ride of your life... click on this a fanciful twist wont regret it.
i have been following Vanessa's blog for over a year when i stumbled upon it while i was blog surfing. her world is enchanting and you get taken in by her story telling and creative mind, photographic genius and curious artistic abilities. i have been lucky enough to have won some of her giveaways and each time it is like opening presents on Christmas morning. the following photos show my latest goodies....
a mad hatters tea party parcel
a lovely collection of postcards, some that i have already received which means that i will be sharing some with those i love...
click on the photo to enlarge it.
sorry dont know how to fix this but it is super sweet.
mad hatters tea pot
the backs are just as special as the front!!
there you have it, arent i just the luckiest gal in the world??
thanks again vanessa, you are the bomb, may a thousand fairies kiss you tonight!!!
%*_*% rosey

Friday, September 4, 2009

charmed i'm sure

after a rather slow start i have managed to finish off two of my new creations. i have begun a line of bag/keyring/phone charms using my babushka doll pattern. they are so sweet and look great hanging off my bag. i am rethinking their suitability as a phone charm, as phones seem to be getting smaller and smaller but i guess where you hang them is up to you and limited only by your imagination! i would like to thank Trixi of coloured buttons for her great advice on using phone tags, they were so easy to add thanks to you :)
dont they look sweet!
maybe a bit too big for the phone (this is an older style phone too)
if they grab your fancy you can find them in my etsy shop located on my sidebar, they would make a great stocking filler for Christmas or a little something extra for your daughter, sister, teacher, favourite someone, secret Santa...
thanks for your support and comments, it all means so much to me.
and for some more exciting news...i have another order, this time for some of my hearts and birds. shona from funky fabrix will supply me with the fabric to create some Christmas themed pretties for her shop window, how exciting is that?!?
ok husband is snoring on the couch perhaps i should go and shuffle him off to bed.
have a great weekend
%*_*% rosey

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

slow going

i cant believe that i have had all of those items cut out and have only managed to get three hearts finished... but i guess i should be proud of what i have achieved.
each heart is scented with fresh lavender and is perfect as a drawer/cupboard. freshener or to brighten up any part of the home
i had such high hopes but i guess in 2 weeks i will have all the time in the world, i am down to 5 contact days before my long service! i am off to stitch a bit before bed.
have a great second half of the week and enjoy that full moon