Friday, January 30, 2009

a heart, a bird and a birthmark...

first of all, as you can see in my previous post i found the perfect fabric to make my valentine swap partner a beautiful bird and heart to match which means i can introduce you to....
miss annabelle... she loves popular country music which she could happily listen to all night long. she likes playing card games and has been known to win the 'kitty' on more than one occasion. her favourite treats are iced coffee and caramel tarts, mmmm my favourite too.
if you like the look of her and her life style appeals to you she could be yours for $ 7.50 (australian) plus postage.
i have made one of the matching hearts and those that are not embellished with buttons, sequins or other 'pretties' will be on sale for $ 5.00 (australian) plus postage and those with lavender or embellished will be on sale for $ 7.50 (australian) plus postage. if you buy more than one item postage will not be compounded.
these look nice hanging on a door knob or special place in your home. those that are filled with lavender are great hanging off a coathanger in your cupboard.
so there you have it both annabelle and a matching heart for $12.50 plus postage. a nice cheap present for any occasion.
i still havent found the time to set up my etsy shop but will endeavor to do so by the end of february.
now the last part of this post, if you are still with me, involves your participation. look closely at claudias birthmark on her cheek and tell me what comes to mind. whenever i look at it i think of this ' animal' (hint) and it is the inspiration of my next softie. i use softie in the lightest of context and do by no means compare my self to those great artists out there. you will have to click on the picture to make it larger and get a closer look at the birthmark.
lilis third cake!! she had one at her tea party, one at dads gathering and one on her actual birthday.
i am interested to see if you think like me.
i think this smile is going to get her through lots of 'doors' later in life!!
ok better go and get my little preppie from her first day at school. check out my other blog for more on that.
%*_*% rosey

Thursday, January 29, 2009

valentine swap sneaky peek

here is part of what i am making for my valentine swap partner. now i cant show you all of it just in case my swap partner happens to read this... but the fabric i have found is the most gorgeous colour you could imagine. her favourite colour is fushia and if you look hard enough this fabric has a picture of a fushia flower on it!!! plus love hearts, couldnt be more perfect if it tried :)
cant wait to show you the rest.

Monday, January 26, 2009

another one for the flock

i would like to introduce you to millicent (milli for short)
this little lady likes to snuggle all day long. she is very fond of classical music coupled with a chilled glass of sweet champagne. she has a high IQ and loves the challenge of a cryptic crossword. she is a loyal friend and will be there for you in your time of need.
there you have it another gorgeous girl to add to my flock.
i cant help post about two other things that were made in our household over the weekend. first of all middle child ~ mia ~ stitched this and filled it with 'treasures'
i drew the outline and then blanket stitched it into a pouch. that house is stitched all by mia my almost 5 year old.
then last night we enjoyed a celebration at my fathers house and we took this to share. we were celebrating lilis 7th birthday, renatas 23rd birthday and australia day.
chocolate swirl cake with butter icing... mmmmm
i am working on another design which has a connection with the shape of my youngest child's birthmark.... i will keep you posted on it's progress.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


victoria loves colouring in books and takes great pride in staying in the lines. she has a small collection of shells which she keeps out on display. her favourite colour is pastel blue and when she smells bergamot she goes to her 'happy place'.
she is for sale... i just havent set up my etsy shop yet! i am not sure of how to do the pricing, i live in australia but i am not sure how much to sell them for in US dollars as esty works in US dollars. if anyone has any tips i would be very grateful. otherwise linda will be getting another visit from me very soon *_*
the next bird is annabelle but that is all i am telling you about her because she might be flying away in a swap. i am not sure if i will get time to go to the fabric store before now and when i need to send my parcel so i hope my partner will be happy with her.
she is sweet and has a matching heart! wait till you hear her what her favourite treats are... a girl after my own heart!!
ok better go feed the hungry rug rats.
%*_*% rosey

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

kissletoe... how many months until christmas??

today lili, mia and i spent quite a few hours with linda and her three gorgeous children. we visited for a cuppa and a chat about all things crafty and spot of sewing... well linda sewed while i gaped in amazement cause after all i do take after my tag name 'i cant sew'.
i had begun my stitching months ago in the hopes that i would be finished before christmas. the stitching was the easy part... i had no idea how to do the next step.
step number 1.
i chose the fabric to make it into a wall hanging but once again had no idea, until today. within an hour (would have been less if i didnt keep interrupting with silly questions) linda had turned my lonely little stitching into a spectacular wall hanging.
linda sewing like a magician.
me stitching to make it stand out and look pretty, under lindas instructions of course.
the gorgeous marissa as model with her sweet mother as sewer and artist extraordinaire.
and here is the finished product, i wont tell you what i dont like cause ms linda has banned me from it!
all ready for next christmas!!
care for a kiss anyone??
thanks linda you are such a darling to be around, just like one of my sisters!!
there you go folks something other than a bird or a heart.
mmwwwahh rosey

Sunday, January 18, 2009

one finished wisp

what is a wisp i hear you ask? well i only found out a few weeks ago, thanks to kris who is holding a 'a project a month challenge', that a wisp is a Work In Slow Progress. i have decided that it is easier to do all my pinning and cutting of fabric at night with the hopes of stitching during the day when the rug rats are not annoying me. this seems to have worked as i have completed one of the wisps that i cut out last night!!
here they are, my wisps, cut, pinned and buttons waiting to be chosen.
i managed to stitch today while the girls played in the back yard. i took the photos at night so the lighting isn't great but the fabric is just so pretty. it is a sweet heart in shades of blue and brown filled with stuffing and a hint of lavender, it smells so sweet. i am really happy with it.
now all i have to do is finish the birds...the only problem is i start work on wednesday so i wont be doing much blogging or stitching for a while but i guess thats why they are called wisps!!
i will be back with a post about annabelle my latest bird.
%*_*% rosey

Friday, January 16, 2009


hello my sweet peas, i realised that my other blog's title doesn't relate to my craft so i thought i better create this blog just in case i open an etsy shop. i will post photos of my birds and other softies to share with the world. who knows someone might stumble upon it and want to buy something from little ol me!
each bird is unique.
this little bird has flown to london to live with my sister... all birds come with a name and personal profile
click to enlarge the picture and to read Cordelia's profile.
so there you have it, let the enquiries begin. now all i need is a tutorial on etsy and i will be set or should i try lollishops? ????
big noisy smooches mmwwaaahh %*_*% rosey