Thursday, May 28, 2009

something other than stitching...

i don't consider myself to be much of an artist and i really have only been crafty for just over a year now, but i am a sucker for pens cause i am a serial doodler. for as long as i can remember i have aimlessly drawn all over things, creating intricate patterns along the way. as a teenager i think my gorgeous sisters even framed a few of them and hung them on their wall (or did i frame them and make them hang them up??). well the drawing bug grabbed me the other night after i had taken my middle child to a little boys birthday party. the gift bags, serviettes, plates and cups all had a monster design on them and i was inspired to draw my own. i might even make some monster softies too.
this is my growing collection of pens... and the 4 little gift tags i drew the other night.
here is the little monster i came up with, he is so cute!
this little gal was inspired by a design on a pair of pyjamas. the little bee in the corner is one of many stamps that float around this messy household :)
and these two come from the designs for my felt brooches.
and these tags will be attached to a little project i am working on...

Friday, May 22, 2009

birdy brooches

after my little brooch making venture i have a few smaller brooch backs waiting to be mounted to something. i whipped up these two sweeties last night. even though they are polar opposites they are best buddies. penguins who love the cold don't normally fraternize with robin red breasts who love the warmth (not exactly a robin red breast but twice as cute).
might just pop these in my shop :) the funny thing about etsy is that IF anything does sell (i have only had 3 sales) it costs almost the same amount to send them as it does for you to purchase them. i try to make my prices low but then i have to add a shipping fee cause it costs me $4.20 to send anything under 250grams, which most of my products are. anyhow, it only costs 20c to list them which is harmless and in the meantime i will work on creating enough items for a market stall. i think i am thinking/typing out aloud, you still with me or have i bored you senseless??
p.s. thank god its friday!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

tasty treats

doesnt this just make you want to bake??? jam drops and extra crunchy peanut butter cookies thanks to the little old lady at our local markets. we buy our saturday morning tea from her every time, mmmmmm.
have a great thursday!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

what do you know...

about one year ago i stitched my first 'something', it was a love heart on which i had embroidered the word 'love'. i knew that while i was stitching i had stumbled on a new hobby that would become addictive and soul nourishing. about the same time i discovered that my most favourite little shop had something called a 'blog' which also opened up a new and addictive world.
creating something with your own hands is really special and for people to want to buy it is even more exciting. today i experienced my first sale (apart from a few sales on my etsy to close friends and family) and it is all thanks to Linda from lilly cottage. Linda is one of those creative types that makes you feel so very special and has been particularly kind to me and my family. so i thank her from the bottom of my heart for commissioning 10 little brooches.
here is how the kokeshi doll brooches ended up looking like.
to make life easier and to ease the suspense Linda bought them off me at $5 each which meant that today i made $50! my first big sale! it might not seem big to you but it is to me :) she will now have them for sale in her shop with an added commission but i don't have the pressure of wondering whether they will sell. i hope they do so that i can make some more!
i feel like framing my first sale docket (couldn't frame the $50 i need it for petrol) it will certainly be finding a spot on my inspiration wall!
i also made my own little business card which i just expected Linda to put in the bag after a sale, but noooo her creative mind had the brilliant idea to pin them onto the card!! they look so sweet scattered throughout her shop. i didn't have my camera out there but she will no doubt be posting about it.
this is sort of how they looked.
here is what the cards look like, i made both pale blue and pale pink/red cards. i am really happy with how they turned out and they cost me nothing but the price of a piece of card!
thanks for your interest and support i will keep you updated with any of the sales!
fingers crossed.
%*_*% rosey

Saturday, May 16, 2009

sew sweet

i am super close to finishing my brooch order (seems so strange to think i am filling an order for a shop) but still unsure of how much to charge. thank you for all of your comments and advice. in my mind i was thinking $5 to which Linda will add maybe $1.50 or so. i am just not sure but i guess when i show her we can work out a price together. even if they don't sell i just think how lucky i am to know linda who is offering to help me out with my crafting venture. i have added a few photos of the two that i finished earlier today.
here is lili happily modelling the brooch.
posing alongside some bobble head kokeshi dolls
each one is a different colour combination with matching backing fabric.
each has a different detail as well.
i found it very hard to get these girls right, the babushkas are so much easier to do. the one thing i need to learn is how to hide knots and how to start off blanket stitching. maybe Linda can give me a crash course!!!
i have also made up some business cards which i am very happy with. i will let you know how i get on :)
mmwwaaahhh %*_*% rosey

Thursday, May 14, 2009

what would you pay?

did you know that the lovely Linda of lilly cottage has asked me to make 5 babushka doll brooches and 5 kokeshi doll brooches which she is going to place in her shop ! she will kindly place them in her shop and add a small percentage of my asking price to the price tag. how nice is that??? i am totally thrilled of course and will probably drop dead if any of them actually sell :) i think they are sweet but will other people think so and in these tough economic times will they have the money to spare to buy them?
they look so sweet in the bottom of a babushka nesting doll.
each has a different hair colour or style and i have tried to make their faces different too.
this is the first time i have ever put a brooch back on, i had no idea what i was doing but i tried to be as neat as possible.
each has a different colour combination and different detail on the dress.
sorry i didn't fix their little ribbons, they look a bit messy!
i am not very good at deciding on a price, how much do you think i should ask for? i really want your honest opinion... be brutal if you have to i won't be offended :)
here is an indication of the colours i have used to back them, they match the front colours beautifully.
anyhow the babushkas are done and the kokeshis are next, i just love working on them and i was even able to work on them when the baby woke up! for some strange reason she didn't touch everything and i was able to leave it all out... is this a sign of things to come? maybe i will get heaps more done now that she isn't so intense.
here is my first girl not sure if i like the shape of her face yet, i also added pink crosses on her cheeks... what do you think? i will change the shape of the next face and decide then. ok off to post about the giveaway parcel i won from vanessa over at a fanciful twist on my other blog agapanthas and goldsworthy, come and have a look if you have the time.
smooches %*_*% rosey

Sunday, May 10, 2009

eye spy sunday

a few of the blogs that i read take part in eye spy sunday and i thought i might join in this week. the theme is 'i spy what am i reading now'. how great is that? each week the theme changes and i really love seeing what the theme will be and then the different blogs interpretations or offerings. so what am i reading? apart from blogs, tweets and books with my girls... i am reading 'salem falls' by jodi picoult. it has taken me a while to get into it but at last it is catching my attention. i do love to read and it is an absolute must at the end of the night to read for at least 15 minutes even if i am drunk or it is 2am in the morning. a habit which annoys my husband, who by the way has not read one book in the 11 years we have known each other (other than books for uni). any how head over here to see where this weeks eye spy started. i have a big week ahead of me, year 3 will be taking part in a national test and it is a heap of unnecessary pressure on my poor students. it is only one example of their capabilities but their results are scrutinized and pitted against children from other states who are older than they are and learning a different curriculum. when we have unity across all areas then it will be a fair test. ok enough from me, wish me luck! have a great week

Thursday, May 7, 2009

when kids stitch...

step 1. draw anything on cream coloured felt
step 2. thread chosen colour onto needle
step 3. step back and let the children straight stitch
step 4. repeat steps 2 and 3 over and over and over and over until it is finished
step 5. have them choose a backing fabric and cut to match felt shape
step 6. pin pieces together and get them to stitch around the outside leaving a gap for fill
step 7. have them stuff til satisfied and finish stitching to close the gap.
step 8. enjoy!
ribbon for hanging and lavender fill is optional.
perfect for mum or grandmother this mothers day!
my girls just love to stitch and this is so easy and the ideas are endless. have fun
%*_*% smooches

Saturday, May 2, 2009

cordufreakinroy joy!!

i have finally found a use for my little stash of corduroy...
i used it to back this little gal...
she isn't perfect but she is will pass as a prototype :)
to see more pictures of her head over here to my other blog.
i have great ideas for the rest of my corduroy and have made a funny looking bunny with a different piece but for some reason i haven't taken photos yet?? strange for me who normally photographs everything to within an inch of its life! if you have any great ideas for using corduroy please share :)
by the way come follow me on twitter so that i can follow you. my link is on the side bar.
smooches rosey

Friday, May 1, 2009

the finished product

we managed to finish the little doll from the previous post. it is quite cute and of course big sister lil would like to make one too. it is actually no problem for me as all i have to do is draw the outline and thread needles. unlike a pattern which takes lots of prep time, this really keeps them occupied while i do other things.
here is the backing fabric, a lovely paisley purple heavy duty fabric.
and here is the front. i stitched the bow eyes and hair. Mia added the red cheeks, i then did a quick straight stitch around the outside and popped a bit of fill inside.
Claudia loves her, i guess i better whip one up for her tonight.
and here is the stitcher herself! she is already talking about painting something tomorrow....
i am so proud of her little stitches, click on the pictures to enlarge them and have a great long weekend (if you live in Queensland that is)
%*_*% rosey

a day at home...

i kept my middle child home from school today as she has been complaining of a sore ear and aches for the last few days. i assured her that we would not be having fun, in fact it was mopping day and 4 loads of washing had magically appeared. she was happy to help out or mooch whatever grabbed her fancy. while the baby was sleeping she asked if she could sew a babushka doll, so i sketched the outline on some felt and she has been stitching ever since. i will sew it up with a cute backing fabric and she can have it for a cuddle toy.
her stitching is really coming along.
she chooses all the colours herself.
careful not to prick herself.
i will be back with the end product later.
%*_*% rosey