Friday, August 21, 2009

my creative space

i took advantage of the fact that i had a very tired household last Saturday night. with everyone in bed by 7:30 (including my husband) i managed to cut out a few different projects to work on.
i have never been able to do just one thing at a time, so in between making birds, bushkas and hearts, i am working on a stitching project which is hidden underneath everything...
i bought some phone charms as suggested by the gorgeous Trixi from coloured buttons. these two babushkas will not become brooches but i am attempting to attach the phone charms some how. (Trixi will leave a useful comment for sure) i love making my simple hearts and birds, i add a hint of lavender which makes them perfect to freshen up your cupboard or drawer. i hope to add these to my etsy shop as soon as possible and hope that they sell :)
and of course while i stitch i like to thumb through any type of magazine and this little something grabbed my attention in the IKEA catalogue. click on it to get a better look but it would really go well in the rumpus room that mister moo is creating for our family. i have already requested that he include a little hidey-hole for the girls in one corner. he has it all under control but just imagine sitting in one of these little pod chairs with the top pulled down!
and here is my current pin cushion... and you will have to go here to see my new one.. yes i was lucky enough to win a pin cushion plus some other lovely items from lisas give away over at olive grove primitives. do yourself a favour and vist her blog which will provide you with links to her other blogs.
hope you have a creative weekend.
%*_*% rosey

Friday, August 14, 2009

all wrapped up

do you know what this means?
yes i finally finished the request for a boyish babushka. actually they dont take that long to make and as this is the 4th one i have attempted, i almost have it down pat. the problem for me is that i get interrupted ALL the time by life :)
i usually do all my cutting at night when the little one is asleep. i find i can stitch when she is awake now but cutting needs more attention. i added the ribbons and procrastinated about using the sewing machine to stitch up the backing fabric. i changed the shape of the eyes and didn't add cheeks to try and make it look more like a boy. lovely colours aren't they?
this is a one red robin pattern that i have altered slightly. do yourself a favour and check out jho's blog. the best thing about blogging is that you get to communicate with like minded, smarter than you are, more creative than you are people. and those such people suggested buttons on the side so i bought a fraction larger green button and added them last night.
and because you are my friends and you wont laugh or judge me i am going to show you the worst part of this doll...(apart from the bottom ribbon didn't end up even)
yep that is my sorry attempt at slip stitching ( i think that is what it is called). i haven't really been shown how to do it yet and i tried my hardest but i just couldn't get it. anyhow it is at the back and as long as the doll always faces the front no one will know. if you wish to teach me go right ahead:)
now that i have finished this job i am going to work on stocking my etsy shop. it is bare, not that i expect a rush on sales but i did start this blog with the purpose of trying to get my products out into the world:) happy weekend

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

oh boy...

would you like to see some progress photos of the boyish babushka that i am working on? OK here we go. i am following the one red robin pattern but have altered it slightly and i am hoping that the new owners will be happy with it. the new owners are baby Adelaide's parents and they are wanting to gift it to their newest nephew, Jacob. i went with the green jungle print combined with the blue back and bought a matching blue felt.
i have changed the eyes slightly so they aren't as girly.
in this photo i have added the ric a rac and buttons and have hand stitched the hair and face onto the blue felt. i don't know how to fix the bobbin into the sewing machine so as soon as mick does that i can finish this little fella off. i would like to have him finished by the weekend so that i can work on little projects of my own. and just in case you forgot what the girl babushka looked like... here she is.
i will do the boy babushkas bottom differently.
they would like his name embroidered on the side, not sure if i should put ribbons on the side maybe that would be too girly. any ideas?
i do hope it turns out and that they are happy with it. anyhow off to get some matching thread.
happy wednesday

Sunday, August 9, 2009

funky order

well i have handed over my order of brooches to shona of funky fabrix, they have gone to live in her super hip retail store in the suburb of mitchleton. well i do hope they don't live there for too long :p
you will have to click on the picture to enlarge it as my computer isn't playing the way i want it to!
it is a good feeling to have my products out on the other side of Brisbane, now if i could find the time to restock my etsy shop i will be even happier. shona has a lovely shop filled with extraordinary fabric, gorgeous hand made toys, patterns and other retro/vintage style goodies that any mother or daughter would want in their home. it is well worth a peek if you are a local gal, there is even a bakery and coffee shop literally steps away!
as a thank you i gifted shona with one of my sweet hearts and one of my birds (Bella) with the view for her to make an order of these sweet lavender filled pretties in the near future. thanks again to shona for investing in some local hand made goodness.
once again click on this photo to see how pretty the fabric is.
anyhow now that my nights are mine again i am going to start that boyish babushka that my friend has requested.... i will keep you updated on my progress.
enjoy the week ahead, we all have a holiday tomorrow so i am going to enjoy my little family's company.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

baby's got back

now where were we?? oh yes step four... this is the fastest step, as all of the tiny fussy stitching has finished. i take my completed fronts out to my fabric stash and um and er over which fabric suits them best. i do love how they come together. i have added a few photos to show you the end product.
here they are nestled in a freshly turned bowl (i have such a talented hubby) and here are the backs! sleeping beauties my lighting is not the best, must ask my photographic whiz to help me with ideas.
love that violet fabric they really do look sweet if i do say so myself.
and now i am furiously working on the kokeshi brooches. i have designed a new look so that i will have two designs to choose from. once again the fronts are so fiddly and take ages to complete but the end product is worth it. what do you think?? i will be back with more as soon as i get closer to finishing the order.
even though i like the kokeshis the babushkas remain my favourite...what about you?? which id your favourite? maybe when the dust settles i will have a brooch giveaway :) thanks for your support.
mmwwaaahhh rosey
p.s. when this order is finished these brooches will be for sale at funky fabrix. pop into shonas blog, not only is she having a giveaway but her fabric is amazing too :)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

ready for step four

i popped in a DVD of Seinfeld and finished off all of the fronts of my is choosing matching fabric day and attaching brooches to the backs. i would like to be working on them all day but children get in the way of progress :)
anyhow here is a peek at all of 'my girls'.
9 babushkas all in a row...
three with eyes closed and a smile...
three with eyes closed and singing a lullaby...
and three wide awake and happy to be alive!
i will finish them all off with a white bow.
hi ho hi ho a stitching i will go...
mmwwaaahh rosey
p.s. i will have to do a post about the green background, it is actually an old high chair i picked up at a garage sale. yes someone painted it that colour on purpose!!! it will look great once i shabby it up.