Wednesday, September 22, 2010

birds of a feather...

our little display theme last week was all about birds and we had fun making and finding birds to 'do up' our table. Linda has rented even more space for our little shop which means we now take over 2 rooms and both veranda spaces which is lovely, but also means we need to keep creating pretty items. having a theme is wonderful as it keeps me on track but i must also devote time to making other things that are not related to the theme in the lead up to Christmas. my glass baubles sold well last year and i have a few made that didn't sell in July so i have a head start on those but i must not rest on my laurels as our Christmas display will be starting before i know it.
anyhow, here are a few photos from our display, the first stitchery was sold to the lovely Linda, she saw it on my face book page and had to have it! nice to know it has gone to a good home ~_~
i had fun stitching this little bird and and even covered the back all by myself without asking for help :) here are my flock of terry toweling ducks ready for some baby love. a gorgeous china trio, hard to resist buying this myself! assorted cards made by each of us.
love heart and bird garlands and some gorgeous table runners. a truly magnificent pillow hand stitched by Linda. she uses doilies and patches of fabric to create these one of a kind piece of art for your home. and some of our brooches...
i must remind you that if you see something on here that you fancy, drop me an email or leave a comment and i will get back to you with a price and whether or not the stock is still available. i love having online stores but i find very little time to update them!
this weeks theme is fairy tales and i haven't even started!!! thanks for visiting.

Friday, September 17, 2010

do you see what i see revisited

hello folks, isn't it amazing how we see things differently...? for the longest time when i looked at a full moon i could see a rabbit, to me it was the head of a rabbit until i asked someone else if they could see a rabbit...
ME: do you see that rabbit in the full moon?

PERSON: yes there it is hopping on all fours...

ME: what?! oh wow yes i see it now!

now i find it hard to see the head of the rabbit anymore...

and the same can be said for my last post...i wasn't expecting to see anything else than this...

but to my amazement i can now see this

and it is hard to go back to just seeing the Rapunzel style lady on the rim of my cup...
thanks to all those who played along...and just on a random whim i put all of your names into a draw and pulled out Lee of ArtfuLee Designed. Lee if you send me your address i will post you something small for having some fun with me.

before i go, can you guess what this weeks theme is out at coutts cottage? here I'll give you a hint.

have a great weekend


Monday, September 13, 2010

Saturday, September 4, 2010

ooh la la...

before we closed up shop last Sunday Linda proposed a theme for one of our displays and it seems that for me having a theme is all i needed to get the creative juices flowing...
hope this is what she had in mind...
these will be available tomorrow in our new location - coutts cottage petrie markets.
thanks Linda for such a wonderful theme. if you get a chance head over to Renata's blog to see her french inspired quilled cards, simply AMAZING.
and of course head over to Linda's blog to see more photos of her shabbiliscious goodies and pictures of our shop!
before i rest my weary head tonight i have plans to make a few more cards or tags and perhaps even one for fathers day :)
happy fathers day to my wonderful dad, my great father in law and my gorgeous hubby (father of our 3 girls)who bought a Ute today!
xx rosey
p.s. shop will be open from 8-2

Friday, September 3, 2010

little bit of eyecandy for ya...

it is amazing what i can achieve if i don't turn the computer on..i seem to get distracted by all the social networks and am seriously thinking about removing myself from them altogether and concentrate on my blogs and REAL life!
anyhow after making my brooch board i decide to keep that momentum going and i crafted this gorgeous piece of whimsy...
this started life as an empty white cage... and now it is a romantic gift for someone you love or YOURSELF! i just love it and cant wait to hang it over our display this Sunday or from a tree out on our lawn.
and here is a sneak peek of my stitchery...
we are going for a french inspired theme for one of our display tables, i will show you the end product which i hope to have finished by tonight so that i can get a few daddy type things made up... maybe gift tags?
well i best be off, the more time i spend here means less time on my crafting!
au revoir