Friday, February 26, 2010

sshhh, its a surprise

sending one of you blogging buddies something in the mail...#_#
i am having fun making tags but... i need a few more 'pretties' to jazz up my efforts.
sorry this isn't supposed to be on the side but i think you get the idea.
i seem to have an abundance of 'stuff' but never what i need! i could spend every last cent we have on crafts and still want more.
enjoy this lovely weekend where ever you are. xxrosey

Sunday, February 21, 2010

geek chick is in da house

i know that Easter is still a little while away but i have started making a few little bits and pieces to add to my online shops. i have only had a few sales but those few sales have made me so very happy, sort of addictive really. the problem with hand made as opposed to commercially made is that i am constantly questioning myself whether other people would be interested in my taste or work. i guess if i add my work to my shops it isn't costing me that much and who knows someone might just like what i have to offer. ANYHOW... i have popped this little fella in the shops
i like to call him Geek Chick @_@ he is a keen gardener and an avid reader as you can well imagine :) he did have a sister who liked to party. she was one of my earliest sales... and lives over here.
here is party chick next to super chick who also flew away to live with someone else (forgotten who sorry) however Easter bunny chick is still available and would love to fly to a new home
aren't they the sweetest, such charisma, such charm! i have also been busy using the machine, yes i know shock horror! i made a set of Easter themed bunting which will be in my shops after this post as i intend on adding it tonight.
pretty blues and pinks
would brighten up any Easter display or simply keep it up all year round. bunnies and teddies holding on tight to their balloons
7 scrummy flags on white tape.
feels great to have actually made something. i need to get my groove on and make some more, i would like to hold a market stall before Easter...depends on how much i can make! i have so many ideas and started projects i just need more hours in the day when i am not mother, house cleaner and wife #_#
off to list that bunting into the shops.
have a great week ahead.
%*_*% rosey

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

i made something!

some days feel like i am just chasing my tail and i seem to have a crafting table full of half finished projects. i like to console myself with the fact that i have recently washed 3 sets of blinds and am gearing up to do the 2 sets in my bedroom tomorrow. however i am embarrassed to say that i think i cleaned red dust from last years storms! that's how long it has been since i have dusted the blinds in the girls rooms.
i did manage to sew a set of Easter bunting which i haven't been able to photograph as it has either been melting hot or too overcast to take any decent photos. i have also been painting bits and pieces but haven't enough confidence in myself to show you my efforts. one thing i did make and like is this Easter tag which i gifted to one of my customers.
i am besotted with old world style pictures, this just reminds me of my childhood and picture books i would read.
even though i am happy with the stamping on the back i regret putting the two little stickers on as they sort of take away from that old world feel.

i guess i have been reminded over the past few weeks that your first attempt may not always be the result you are most happy with and modifications to the original design will only lead to a superior end product. i will be making many more Easter tags and cards and i am sure i will be learning along the way.

any tips would be appreciated, think of me as your protege

off to create some more :)


Saturday, February 13, 2010

a little cheesy

Happy Valentines Day and if you thought that was cheesy check this out... whether you are single or taken this heart is for you, smooches %*_*% rosey p.s. thanks to sweet tidings for the link to the conversation heart maker. go on make some of your own....

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


i recently became the recipient of a pay it forward gift over at the lovely sweet jeanettes blog. i wasn't expecting to be chosen but i guess this gorgeous gal couldn't have come at a better time.
i get so excited when the postman stops at my door!
a greetings page as you open the box
and here is the angel 'HOPE'. most of you know that my BIL was recently given 2 months to live after discovering his second bout of cancer. this angel is a symbol that as long as we have hope we have life. and should god choose to take him into heaven then we hope that he will look down on his little boy as he grows.
everything about the hand made doll is exquisite
she simply fills me with hope.
thank you from the bottom of my heart jeanette, words cant describe how much this means to me.
thank you for your prayers and support, our prayers are working...he has decided to accept chemo...everything counts..hope where there is no hope.