Saturday, April 25, 2009

itty bitty and single

this little gal is up in my shop. small enough to fit in the palm of your hand :) i love this backing fabric! the little bag means you can keep her safe and hang her anywhere.
i am open to custom orders, just give me a description and i can whip one up for you. imagine having an itty bitty doll in the image of yourself or someone you know!!
have a great weekend.

Friday, April 24, 2009

new additions

i have been very lucky in the last few weeks to be on the receiving end of 'just because' parcels and Pay It Forward sets and since starting this blog i have won 2 give aways and taken part in a swap. our study is slowly becoming a space for all of my blog treasures. i finally put up some post cards i won from vanessa at a fanciful twist and i added some lovely photographic art from maria-therese at afiori. the wall is really coming along, i have plans to make a second inspiration board out of fabric and ribbon so that i dont have to put pins in my photos. i still have some wonderful stained glass hearts to hang which i received from kimberly at seashells and silver during our valentines day swap. and when i finish my flutterby stitchery from clare at clare's craftroom it will be a special feature on the wall. i love this space now as i spend at least an hour each day here in the study. it is nice to be surrounded by so much creativity and generosity!
here it is with the new additions.
the larger post cards are from vanessa and the tiny exquisite photo is from maria-therese.
click on it to make it larger.
the lovely Polaroid from maria-therese.
head over to my other blog to read all about the PIF parcel i received from afiori. if you don't, at least visit those girls i have linked to here in this blog, you wont be disappointed.
have a great weekend!
%*_*% rosey

Saturday, April 18, 2009

a place to call home....

do you remember this???
i started painting this little shadow box such a long time ago and finally found the time to finish it off. all of our miniatures have found a spot to live and i can see it every time i sit here in front of the computer.
i know that these miniatures have no real value, but they have been a fun thing for us girls to find whenever we are out and about.
it is up nice and high for the time being as old 'fingers magee' aka Claudia would cause havoc if it was any lower.
i have more to add to this wall, namely the postcards i received from a fanciful twist during a giveaway and i do believe that it is slowly becoming my inspiration wall. actually the whole study is slowly morphing into MY space and when mister moo finishes converting the garage into a rumpus (he has only started converting it in his mind) then it will be mine all mine!! (cue sinister laugh)
have a great weekend, two more sleeps for me and my holiday is over :(
%*_*% rosey

Friday, April 17, 2009

price reduction!!

i have dropped the price on my bushka babes... you can find them in my etsy shop. i will soon be making single gals as well.
%*_*% rosey

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

itty bitty babushka babes

i have been working away at a little something for my etsy shop.
these little ladies are so sweet, the smallest is around 6cm and the tallest is around 7cm. enjoy the photos.
hello little ladies...
each is individual
each backing fabric compliments the felt on the front
they come nestled in this sweet felt bag. here they are waiting for their next cocktail
they love all sorts of adventures i would love to hear you what you think of them....

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

introducing dizzy daisy and mister winston

as i predicted blanket stitch was a bit tricky, although lili gave it a good go. i spent an hour sewing while mick helped them stuff filling into each tiny space. i think the fill i have is too soft as it doesn't want to go into the really small spaces. anyhow the end product is two very colourful characters and one holiday project complete (now i might get some peace).
miss daisy is the purple bear and Winston is the orange dog.
this is the reverse side. the girls chose the colours, the kit came with a few bits and pieces but i think the blue is from my stash.
Mia now the proud owner of daisy.
lili just loves Mr Winston and she really is getting quite good at stitching.
as i watch my girls stitch i cant help but wonder if my mother had time for such things when her first 3 children were the age mine are now. i must ask my eldest sister melissa if she remembers doing any such thing with our mother. if my sister Anita reads this she might like to answer too. and as i near the age of her death (39.. i am 37) it is with a heavy heart that i realise what i missed out on, our second mother certainly didn't engage us in any sort of crafty activities that i can remember. oh well i guess my girls will be able to pass some skills and memories onto their children one day.
i am really excited about a little something i stitched up last night but i don't want to reveal her until i have enough for my etsy shop. i really want to do it right this time with quantity, price, photography etc.... any tips are always really appreciated.
big chocolaty smooches %*_*%

Monday, April 13, 2009

children stitching and spending

Easter has been so relaxing and..... WET!! it seems to have rained here every day for the past 3 weeks. the last two weeks of school were wet and this Easter long weekend has been dotted with rain. today is an absolute downpour, so while the baby has been napping the girls continued stitching.
we gave this little kit to Mia for her birthday and every now and then the girls do a little more to their softies. i have had to do little as the stitching has been so easy but the next step calls for blanket stitch so if they don't get the hang of it i will have to help them out.
lili chose to make the dog great stitching for a 7 year old don't you think? Mia chose to make a bear. i have helped her a bit but it didn't take her long to get the idea. and with easy instructions even i could make one...
i will post some photos of the finished products.
Saturday's weather was a bit kinder, just the odd shower here and there. we managed to head out to our most favourite shop in the world lilly cottage for a spot of birthday money spending. lili still had a bit left over from January and she chose to buy these. the lovely linda gave her an extra wall hanging, she is very generous and loving to my girls.
hand made by linda not sure what we will do with these but they look pretty by themselves. and Mia spent some of her birthday money on a button wrist band (very pretty) and a huge pink diamond (glass but don't tell Mia) and some little treasures... not sure what the brown bits on the doll are ???
i even managed to buy something for myself. this lovely pin cushion.. wont i have fun putting pins in her, i wont tell you who i will be thinking of when i poke them in!!
ok off to enjoy a cuppa while listening to the rain
%*_*% rosey

Friday, April 10, 2009

neighbourly love

we have the nicest neighbours on all sides and across the road, in fact it is a lovely street and neighbourhood. last night i worked on something (will show you another time) but in my heart i knew i needed to put together a little something for the two sweet children across the road. i was busy this morning cleaning the house but once again it was on my mind to make something. wouldn't you know it the lady across the road beat me to it and i wasn't prepared to reciprocate even though my intention was there. anyhoo, after her seeing me in my Elmo pyjamas at 10am i ignored all distractions and made them each a little something.
for the little boy i made this chick finger puppet and a selection of real and decoration eggs.
and for the cutest little girl you have ever seen, i made a bunny finger puppet and a selection of chocolate and decoration eggs.
i also put together a little treat for mum and dad. even though we only have a short chat once a week i seem to have formed a good bond with this neighbour and hope to have her come in for coffee one day soon.
it was so sweet of them to give our children something, they were very generous and it has been a challenge for Claudia not to eat them!!!
%*_*% rosey

Thursday, April 9, 2009

a poem for you

an easter poem (said to the tune of humpty dumpty) on good friday jesus had died all his friends were sad and they cried sunday morning what a surprise, jesus has risen, hooray he's alive! isnt that the sweetest! even sweeter when sung by my little 5 year old :) now if the photos below intrigue you.. follow this link to my other blog. happy easter %*_*%

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

is that a pin in your head or are you just happy to see me?

i have been gluing some wings on these little guys to give to the older ladies in my family instead of chocolate and i was trying to put these little glasses on 'geek chick' but am struggling to bend the wire any further. so desperate times call for desperate measures... yes that is a pin through his head! no, i won't leave it there, but i have to hink of a way of keeping those cute glasses on his soft little noggin. any suggestions???
oh and if i am not back before friday... HAPPY EASTER
%*_*% rosey

Sunday, April 5, 2009

present has been received....

i gave my gorgeous sister her present this afternoon and she loved it this much... her youngest hugging my eldest!
mmwaahhh rosey