Monday, November 23, 2009

your chance to win...

OK my gorgeous band of followers...head to my other blog for your chance to win a Christmas themed give away by moi! click on this link to take you straight there ~ agapanthasandgoldsworthy ~ good luck...what are you waiting for?? xx

Sunday, November 15, 2009

time for a change

strange things have been happening around here...i have learnt how to fill a bobbin, put said bobbin into the right spot, thread the needle on the sewing machine and actually confidently sew fabric with a smile firmly on my face. i did have a little set back when the sewing machine wouldn't play nice, but after talking with the lady at the sewing store i realised that perhaps my thread was cheap or old and then when Linda visited for a coffee she spotted that i had two different types of thread on needle and bobbin which is apparently a no no. so with all that knowledge in hand i turned this...
into this...
i am so proud of myself and sort of feel like there is no stopping me now, that is why i am changing my "brand" name from 'i cant sew' to 'itty-bitty and pretty' i will still run under the icantsewcreations blogspot, but as i venture out into the markets i wanted something a bit prettier.
i have been busy stitching up items and working on other designs for my stall. i just have to share with you something pretty i have been working on when i am not sewing.
these pretty hand filled and embellished baubles will be on sale as well, so much fun to make but time consuming.
i will place the bunting in my handmade and etsy shops but you could also win a set in my give away which i will post about soon on my other blog agapanthasandgoldsworthy
here is a bit of what you could win...
i will let you know when i post about it...
have a great week
%*_*% rosey

Monday, November 9, 2009

i have my doubts...

do you ever have doubts about whether your hand made items will sell?
do you ever wonder whether you are wasting your time?
do you think that all your efforts might not actually pay off?
i try to remember what i did with my nights before i started crafting...i was never idle, always reading or doing a puzzle of some kind and of course school preparation. since i started this blog and stitching i feel guilty if i don't pick up my sewing or if i don't work on something towards creating a stall. actually i don't know if guilty is the right word...i think i am worried that i am doing all off this work in vain...what if it doesn't sell?
i just know that you will all have words of wisdom. the one constant thing about blogland is the huge support and genuine want for others to do well. i will leave you with just some of the things i will try to sell when i am ready to have a stall.
the photos are not that great sorry, some are turned the wrong way and the colour isn't perfect but you get the idea.
birds, hearts and garlands
babushka charm to hang where you wish
pastel chalk boards to write whatever you wish
babushka and kokeshi brooches to brighten your day
so there you have it, my little whine for the week...
i will be having a little give away on my other blog agapanthasandgoldsworthy very soon, that is assuming you want to win anything i make....(there i go again!) i will post here when i have organised myself.
smooches for a great week ahead.
%*_*% rosey

Friday, November 6, 2009

my creative space

my attempts at building up stock are slow to say the least...but a quitter i am not so i have cut out two more sets of hearts, birds and garlands in the hopes of stitching up a storm between now and next weekend. the lovely Rebbecca over at Edward and Lilly has been a great cheer squad encouraging me to attend craft fairs in the city and Linda of Lilly cottage has offered to pay for my first stall fee and her mother has even offered to let me have a little space in their shop for the twilight markets but i haven't discussed this with Linda yet so we will have to see about that.
so here some pics of my latest creative space
here are some shabby birds and hearts and here are some more waiting to be stitched.
purple to tantalise you...and
i have some more traditional fabric as well.
i have so many other design ideas in my head but i cant seem to find the time to create them.
my husband has been busy as well...while i was away for the weekend he transformed our kitchen table and i LOVE it!
he painted the legs white and glossed up the top. here is Claudia showing you her felt three little pigs story.
before he varnished the top he gave it that distressed look. he is so clever and i loved this surprise.
as well as wanting to create for a stall i need to update and add to my etsy and madeit shops but once again finding the time is hard. i need to take photos during the day and then when the kidlets are in bed update like crazy.
head over here to read about my latest health problemos...and have a great weekend!
%*_*% rosey