Thursday, March 26, 2009

easy peasy lemon squeasy...

why did i ever think i couldn't do ribbon embroidery? yesterday i walked into a new shop here on the northside of brisbane and was taught how to make this....
yes i made that!! ~Scintillating Stitches~ is a new shop offering embroidery workshops, supplies, designs and gifts. and the friendly owner plonks you down and teaches you how to make your very own flower in less that 5 minutes :) i am so looking forward to her first workshop on the 19th of april. for more info here is her phone number: jackie 07 3285 8254 web site : for the longer story read it here at my other blog. smooches mmmwwwaaahhh rosey

Friday, March 20, 2009

little bunny 'treasure pouch'

i managed to stitch this little pouch last night, similar to the chicken pouch, however this time i used those claspy things (for the first time) and added a ribbon.
i added the heart to cover up the little stitches made from the clasp.
the little tail is made of felt and glued on. i just love it!
it can hold a small amount of money or other little treasures.
i am really happy with the end product. the ribbon allows it to be worn safely around the neck or when not in use it can be hung anywhere adding a little prettiness wherever it is left.
yes that is me modelling the pouch because two of my models are at school and the other is asleep.
i am hoping to add a set of three 'treasure pouches' to my etsy shop for one low price which as afiori pointed out would be more economical to post. etsy is a funny thing, on one hand it is nice to know that i have my products out there and anyone can buy them but i also know that anyone can make these item so why buy mine and my items are of no comparison to other people. so why sell? because you gotta start somewhere :) what other avenues are there? i would like to hear your ideas. i will have a market stall one day when i create enough stuff to make it look right.
ok if you want to learn more about the guys below visit my other blog. i am just about to post about them...
%*_*% rosey

Thursday, March 19, 2009

will show you more soon

no i didnt make them but yes they are mine!!! i will show you more soon.
%*_*% rosey

Sunday, March 15, 2009

what treasures would you hide?

i saw a pattern for a coin purse a little while ago and finally had some time to make one the other night.
it is only my first attempt but it really is sweet and the girls all want one.
after making it i thought the next one will have to have a ribbon attached so that it can be hung around their necks and when not in use it can hang from a bed post or doorknob.
sweet matching ribbon mkes my heart go pitty pat!
this little chick is hiding an easter egg but my girls will hide little treasures for sure, things like painted rocks or beads or tiny fairy figurines.
sweet little pouch at the back for all your treasures.
like a little back pack
fits into the palm of your hand!!
what do you think, cute or what?
i will be back later in the week with a finished product.
%^_^% have a great week

Sunday, March 8, 2009

anything you can do i can do better...

my last little chick on a stick has been placed in my etsy shop. this little one is suffering from an identity crisis and thinks she can deliver the eggs faster than the Easter bunny.

i just love her little cotton bud tail!

i took this photo before i wrapped up ~party chick~ who is flying away to her new owner (well when i say flying i dont mean literally flying, as we all know that chickens cant fly very far)

arent they sweet!

nice buns!!

well i am off to do more school work, blah blah blah.

%^_^% rosey

Saturday, March 7, 2009

super chick

i had a dream that someone would buy my little party chick... and it came true!! my gorgeous niece renata from natas little place (who is a talented jewellery maker and miniature bead artist) couldnt resist the little chick on a stick from the previous post.
well i have been at it again and have come up with.. super chick!
she will deliver your eggs faster than the speed of light! she is oh so sweet and so much fun to dress. it was very fiddly creating such small eye holes in that mask but worth it. she comes complete with removable cape and is in my etsy shop right now.
i have tried to make up for the american dollar by not including shipping for aussie customers.
i have something different in store for the next chick on a stick and would be happy to take custom made orders, the ideas are endless.
enjoy your weekend, i am!!!
%*_*% super rosey

Friday, March 6, 2009

chick on a stick

look what i added to my etsy shop today...
this little chick on a stick is ready to fly to your Easter party. she will brighten up any Easter basket or display and is just so dang cute.
it was so much fun stitching her little removable party hat!
i know that Easter is still a little while away, but...
i also added my first softie Easter egg decoration ~tweet dreams~ she is part of a series but could also be bought by herself. it is a nice feeling to have a few items for sale, now just if i could sell a few :)
calico on the front, cotton on the back.
hand stitched felted chicken.
each egg has the same backing fabric.
enjoy your weekend i know i will.
%^_^% rosey

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

photographic tips wanted

hellllloooo out there... i need your help. i am trying to load decent photos for my etsy shop but i am doing something wrong!! when i try to upload my photos, more often than not, etsy tells me they are to big and cant be loaded. the photos i am having the most trouble with are the ones i use the macro function with but these are the clearest photos and give the best idea of my craft. what do i do? we have zoom browser program if that helps, i will also respond to any comments i get. i just want to get some more things out there before easter is over!! have a great second half of the week.