Saturday, June 26, 2010

whats new pussycat?

for the second time in our life a stray cat has chosen us as its family...after the first one was destroyed because the owners didn't want it, we decided that perhaps this puss was our second chance.
she is such a pretty lady with a very quiet nature. she had these three little ones...
but they were taken away last night to be fostered and hopefully adopted by kind families. they were getting older and not being held so they had to be taken away. they certainly put up a fight!
anyhow apart from playing with our new kitty and preparing for our market tomorrow i have been working on pages of my art journal. i have been taking part in an online art tutorial, mixed media, run by the lovely kerryanne of shabby art boutique i have learnt so many new ideas it is hard to explain how valuable this experience has been. if you have ever thought about extending your artistic talents then i would highly recommend such a course.
below are a few of the pages i have managed to produce but i have not even scratched the surface of the techniques that she has taught us.
my favourite quote!
a little glimpse of what makes me me...
i am proud of my pages so far, certainly not something i would have done if i had not been prompted by kerryanne.
now if you have a moment or two and you are an avid Alice in wonderland follower then head here to see a wonderful mad tea party that i was fortunate enough to be part of...
i even brought a little bit of the party home with me...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

almost famous

another market Sunday has passed and although i was fearing the cold winters chill, the morning was actually quite mild. the wind did pick up mid morning and each time a gust came we had to jump up to make sure our pretties didn't go flying away. i was pleased with my sales but it seems as though people are happy just to walk around the markets and soak up the atmosphere and get there fill of popcorn and little pancakes. we were lucky enough to get our photo taken by a local journalist and it is featured in our local paper the pine rivers press on page 34. nothing like a bit of free advertisement!
the following photos show some of the things we have on offer every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month
Renata's fabulous quilled gift boxes and cards these are proving to be very popular with passers by and even some interest in lessons on quilling.
Renata recently sold a similar framed version of this quilled butterfly from her online shop. head to her blog to view her range and purchase a piece of her art.
she has also made little gift tags, these are so sweet.
i have a range of cards as well however mine are mostly vintage style and hand stamped.
pretty little clutchables
dresses filled with lavender for your drawers. 2 little sisters bought one each :)
tic tac toe to go in reddish fabric as well as the babushka fabric. and heat wheats and snugglies...these proved popular, i just love all of the colour choices.
there are more photos but i thought that was enough. so as you can see, something for everyone and more :)
now off to work on an order or two :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

been busy....

as luck would have it, this week i have had 2 child free days which meant that i could sew to my hearts content. i became good friends with my sewing machine and churned out all of this in one day. dang..the photo didn't rotate..anyhow i managed to make... 6 'snugglies' which are heart shapes filled with wheat but with no segments so that the wheat is able to form to wherever you are placing it. i like to pop them on my feet or belly or anywhere where i am cold or feel pain. these will be available at our market stall for $10. 5 rectangular heat wheat bags with 4 segments which are perfect for the neck and back and will be available for $15. and 1 curved heat wheat bag with 6 segments perfect for the neck and shoulders. i have only made 1 and it will be available for $20. i am really pleased with how the bags all turned out they are perfect for this time of year...although i use my heat wheat ALL year round! on the second child free day i managed to finish off my little pieces of whimsy which will look just lovely on our market stall this Sunday the 13th of June....we will be regulars the second and fourth Sunday of each month and i will continue to add items to my online store. i finished this little fella...eeeppp he is so cute!! to see more photos head here or here i finished the two bottles, they just look so pretty with all of our other collectible items. really sweet, they would make a lovely addition to a dresser or a vignette of olden day items. i will add these to my online stores when i get the chance. well i best be going to is after 11pm and i seem to have a 4 year old who like to wake me at least 5 times during the night...*yawn* hope to see some of you at the petrie markets this sunday. our usual spot down by piggots. xxrosey

Thursday, June 3, 2010

little pieces of whimsy

whimsical ~ adjective ~ whimsy ~ noun ~
1. having fanciful or odd ideas.
2. quaint or quaintly funny.
i have taken a little break from stitching to work on some pieces that involve me stepping out of my comfort zone... thanks to kerryanne from shabby art boutique i will be stepping out in many other mediums too as i embark on her online art course. i was one of the lucky few chosen to come along on this very exciting journey. it is amazing to read a professional artists thoughts and explanations of creativity and i just know that i am ready and ripe for this sort of exercise..if only i can find the time to block my family out :)
anyhow, on the weekend we visited dayboro day and i thrifted a group of miniature glass bottles. i loved how they were dirty and ready to be re purposed back into life. i should have taken a before shot, but anyhoo here they are after their whimsical makeover
i am thinking of popping them out on the table of my next market day, the 13th of June, to gauge the interest from our customers.
paper flowers, lace and glitter... glitter, lace and fabric flowers they are really quite glittery and small enough to hold in your palm. and the next piece i am working on has been in the pipe lines since the bear and doll show back in march...
i salvaged a little jam jar and made a toadstool out of a Styrofoam ball. i bought 2 little deers at the show and knew that they were destined to be in a terrarium of some sort. i just have to get busy with the glue gun again at some stage today and have this piece ready for the markets as well. someone mentioned this one would be perfect for Christmas in July... my market buddy and i are having a special market day dedicated to Christmas in July, Christmas tree and all. stay tuned for more information, should be fun!
i know that what i have created here has no purpose whatsoever other than looking pretty and that there are many people out there who think that it is rubbish but i just want to know what people think.
so what are your thoughts on whimsy or kitsch items? are you attracted to them? do you want to buy them the moment you see them? are my items cute enough to be on my table at the markets? i would really love to hear from you.
well i have had my hour on the computer this morning, best go and fold some washing and finish cleaning that last pedestal fan so that it can be put away for the winter.
enjoy what is left of the week.
p.s. cant believe that it is JUNE!!!
pp.s. each of the pieces of whimsy will be added to my shop too, so you could grab a piece of lovely for yourself or convo me straight away. smaller bottle $3.50, larger bottle $4 and deer in jar $6
ppp.s. are those prices too much? silly question but it is good to get the opinion of the public :)