Monday, March 1, 2010

more craftin fun

i have been at it again....i cant get enough of these little chicks on sticks.
i am the first to admit that there is nothing hard about what i am doing and any monkey with glue could do the same...but when someone else does it for you why would you.
i am having making other bits and pieces too but the rainy weather means that my photos don't come up very well.
i am working on perfecting these little toadstools which i crafted out of Styrofoam balls which i want to put in a little terrarium of sorts.
above all i am having fun...i am starting to get into being a stay at home mum...the guilt is the biggest hurdle. when you have worked since you were 14 staying at home and not bringing in a steady income seems wrong. but i have to remind myself that being a mother and a house wife is a full time job in itself. i know that i will have to work at some stage but it will be on my terms and conditions with no strings attached.
thanks for listening, you guys are GREAT!
off to make som fru fru tags (well at least i hope they turn out shabby/vintage)


  1. Cute! I am a fan of the toadies!!!!!
    So very cute indeed!
    And You Learn to enjoy your new role Sista!

  2. hello miss ittybittyandsopretty! you won my sponsor giveaway!

    Email me your address soon! Congrats!

  3. Cute little peeps and toadstools. Glad to hear you are having fun and crafting. I hope to be able to find time for some creative fun this weekend. Don't feel guilty! You deserve a break. I started babysitting when I was 11-12 and was cleaning houses by the time I was 14. I've never not worked -- but when my first child was born, I did stay home -- for the next 4-1/2 years until my second son was 1-1/2 and I took him to the preschool where I started teaching. Staying at home was great, but was also a lot of work too. People think you just fritter your time away, but it was never that way. So much to do -- and at least you have the choice of how you will fill your time. Make it count and enjoy! Blessings, Tammy

  4. Listen, don't you go feeling guilty, being a Mum is the most important job! It doesn't get the recognition or support it deserves. Ha ha, I have an image of your home being full of chicks. The invasion of the fluffy chicks! Suzie xxx

  5. I understand your guilt, but we shouldn't feel this way!:) I just recently quit my job and am now staying home too to work on my etsy shop full time! I still feel like I'm on vacation or feels strange but hopefully it will pass?!:)

  6. Hi Rosie, Love your little 'stick chicks'! Enjoy your time at home and just accept you will probably feel guilty and not worry about it!

  7. Hi Rosie, yes it is a free download, just google Picasa 3. I am having lots of fun with it and it's so easy to use to edit all your photos have a beautiful weekend Lisa

  8. Hi Rosey,
    Your creations always make me smile .. they all seem to have such personalities !! Don't be feeling guilty sweet one, being a Momma is a 24hr. 7 day a week job .. Enjoy yourself, and keep creating my friend ~
    hugs for you