Thursday, June 9, 2011

thrifting thursday

as my lovely friend Linda from lilly cottage says...'sometimes the thrifting gods are smiling' or your blinkers are off and you are open to finding lots of little treasures. well over the past few weeks i have managed to gather a few pretties, enough for my mister to ponder whether i have a hoarding problem ~_~ my biggest problem is that i want to keep it all rather than taking it out to the cottage for someone else to love.
i fell in love with this lamp the moment i spotted it.
it is hard to see in this picture but it has the prettiest shade of pink enamel in the middle, i just knew it would look lovely in our family room. i really must clean up this shelf....
i found this little coffee pot today, it isn't real silver just silver plated but that doesn't matter... it was just too gorgeous to pass up.
a few more little pretties to add to my shelves or to the Avon bottle collections sure is growing @_@
look at these sweet doves...the fact that they aren't perfect is what makes them perfect!
at $8, this stool was a is not going anywhere, i need a stool like this to take photos on ~_~ and it is handy to pop my washing basket on.
i found these little glass bottles which i suspect could be salt shakers without their tops but i think they would make better rose vases don't you?
and the rose pot stand is simply gorgeous too.
i also gifted myself a new camera for a low $68 (14 mega pixels) and have been playing with the settings...i thought the pot deserved a sepia tone. looks lovely.
i love this rose sketch...not sure if i want to part with it...
and i think i might have found THE prettiest tin ever!! just look at it! it is even better in real life as the flowers are raised...simply stunning. might need to keep this for my sewing supplies.
and the sugar server is just lovely...well that's what i think it is.
is it a sugar bowl and server?? what do you think? i would love your suggestions.
well i feel like a good little blogger now that i have finally posted something! i will be back with some pictures of Lilly cottage someday soon, i promise.


  1. You have been a lucky girl...great finds...and yes, definitely a sugar server!

  2. You know. I watch you too.
    Email me my dear addres..... is there..
    All our love and best wishes, as always... xxxx

  3. How could I miss the other S...

  4. Great finds! I love the stool and those bird and those little glass containers! Fabulous!

  5. What great finds!!! It was so nice to meet you yesterday! X

  6. I heard you had a magical day and look forward to reading mmore about it tomorrow.
    I imagined your sugar server to be a miniature coal scuttle for fireplace elves.

  7. Hi Rosey, it was so lovely to see you again at lindas tea party, i think you are right with the sugar bowl, I have about 4 or 5 of these and I use them at the doll and bear shows to put my business cards in. I also used them at the shop to display my business cards. I love them. Have a beautiful weekend Lisa

  8. You must have been at the right place at the right time! The rose print is lovely and the idea about using the sugar bowl for business cards is a great one. Best wishes, Gillian