Wednesday, June 13, 2012

at last...

well after a much longer time away from this blog than anticipated...i am back!!  after 12 months of study i can call myself a florist ~_~ now all i have to do is find myself a job.  i thought i might pop on here and show you the results of my final display. the brief was that we had to create a window display or a display for a bridal expo but the catch was that we all had different dresses...dresses from the red carpet.  mine just so happened to be a gorgeous shade of blue violet and after toying with the idea of using shades of orange i decided to stick with a monochromatic theme and here are the results.


not sure how to write in this new style blogger (well new to me as i havent been on here since november last year!) i used to be able to write and insert my picture and drag them around etc...but it was a huge mission just to do what i have done so i am not going to mess with it anymore.
we had to make a hair piece, bridal trailing bouquet, bridesmaids posy and a table arrangement.  i decided on a candy bar theme and made some sweet paper bunting and asked my sister to make me some macarons and a cake with ruffled icing.  i borrowed some candy dishes from my niece and filled them with purple treats. 
the second photo shows my lavender and spray rose hair piece at the bottom of the teapot.
the third photo shows the trail bouquet, so pretty!
i love my cascading table arrangement but it looks huge on this small table so just imagine it is sitting on a bridal table ~_~
and how cute is my posy sitting on top of a stack of macarons which were divine by the way.
i was very happy with the results and exhausted afterwards!  a week later and i am just about to refine my resume and go hit the pavement. wish me luck!

i hope to be back here more often now, any advice on how to work this new blogger would be greatly appreciated. 



  1. Rosey--I wish you lots of luck but I don't think you will need it. I was a floral designer for about 20 years before I switched jobs and I have to tell you that your work is gorgeous! I think you won't have any trouble finding a job. Beautiful work!!!!

  2. Well......good luck! How fantastic.....I'm thrilled for you....and your pictures are great too!xxx

  3. Hi ya dear Rosey Good to see you too :-) REALLY lovely lovely flower displays, all in the most adorable colours....
    The new blogger ha ha, Rosey you have missed the time when most of us were tearing our hair out to work it.. pleased they worked out some bumps so to speak.. It's easy enough babes.... trial and error... hey, I really love all those flowers, well done... LOTS AND LOTS OF LOVE and so good to hear from you X X X X X X X X X X X X X X hope Rosie's babes are all well too.

  4. Congrats to you! Your display looks amazing! Very pretty! Good luck with the job search! X

  5. Hi Rosey,
    Sooo happy to see you again !! Gosh, congratulations on your beautiful floral table scape !! It truly looks lovely !! How FUN, doing something you love !! You are blessed !! Well, as soon, as I figure this all out, I wILL return !! I just hate when they make things different !! Uuugghhh ... trying to learn the ropes ..
    More soon sweets .. thanks for saying hello .. have a happy day love ~TeA~ xo