Friday, January 30, 2009

a heart, a bird and a birthmark...

first of all, as you can see in my previous post i found the perfect fabric to make my valentine swap partner a beautiful bird and heart to match which means i can introduce you to....
miss annabelle... she loves popular country music which she could happily listen to all night long. she likes playing card games and has been known to win the 'kitty' on more than one occasion. her favourite treats are iced coffee and caramel tarts, mmmm my favourite too.
if you like the look of her and her life style appeals to you she could be yours for $ 7.50 (australian) plus postage.
i have made one of the matching hearts and those that are not embellished with buttons, sequins or other 'pretties' will be on sale for $ 5.00 (australian) plus postage and those with lavender or embellished will be on sale for $ 7.50 (australian) plus postage. if you buy more than one item postage will not be compounded.
these look nice hanging on a door knob or special place in your home. those that are filled with lavender are great hanging off a coathanger in your cupboard.
so there you have it both annabelle and a matching heart for $12.50 plus postage. a nice cheap present for any occasion.
i still havent found the time to set up my etsy shop but will endeavor to do so by the end of february.
now the last part of this post, if you are still with me, involves your participation. look closely at claudias birthmark on her cheek and tell me what comes to mind. whenever i look at it i think of this ' animal' (hint) and it is the inspiration of my next softie. i use softie in the lightest of context and do by no means compare my self to those great artists out there. you will have to click on the picture to make it larger and get a closer look at the birthmark.
lilis third cake!! she had one at her tea party, one at dads gathering and one on her actual birthday.
i am interested to see if you think like me.
i think this smile is going to get her through lots of 'doors' later in life!!
ok better go and get my little preppie from her first day at school. check out my other blog for more on that.
%*_*% rosey


  1. I guess... a baby chicken(chick

    is that it?

  2. Her birthmark is adorable. I think it looks like a mermaid!

  3. All I can see is a stunning smile !Or maybe a snowman skiing ? Thats not an animal though is it?
    clares craftroom

  4. It's hard to see past those pretty eyes, maybe it's a duck!

  5. they are all good guesses but not the animal i am thinking of. more along the domestic variety. i just wish i had the chance to stitch something up too much school work to do.

  6. hehe i'm thinking whale or fish, altho it does look like a dolphin too :D

    and you've been busted, YOU CAN SEW *gasp* :P

  7. I though a penguin, though not relly domestic is it :)

    She is beautiful and you make such beautiful birdies and pretties too :) Well done

    Thank you for joining in on my giveaway, your home sounds adorable, I love the the idea of your hutch full of treasures, ohooo how i would like alittle peek in there

    Good Luck



  8. Now I tried not to look at any one elses comments so that I wasn't swayed but I think it looks like a little chicken...sort of sdoes it does it really I shall go back and read what others wrote and then go...oh of course it is.....a wedgetail eagle or something of that nature. Kiss Noises Linda

  9. Love your blog! Anita over at Mud and Coffee sent me a link to you! The birds are WONDERFUL!!! I'll be back!

  10. When I turn my head one way it looks a bit like a baby chick and when I turn the other way it looks like a little fish...can't wait to see your new softie!

  11. thanks for your kind comment!! I 'm also making birds of fabric...what a coincedence...I startd with making hearts but now...I 've found out that making birds is even more fun!! I love yours....they are so "happy"

  12. This is an adorable post.. Soo child-like, innocent and from the heart.. Love your creations.. Will be back for more smiles.. Have a blessed day.. ~tea~