Saturday, January 24, 2009


victoria loves colouring in books and takes great pride in staying in the lines. she has a small collection of shells which she keeps out on display. her favourite colour is pastel blue and when she smells bergamot she goes to her 'happy place'.
she is for sale... i just havent set up my etsy shop yet! i am not sure of how to do the pricing, i live in australia but i am not sure how much to sell them for in US dollars as esty works in US dollars. if anyone has any tips i would be very grateful. otherwise linda will be getting another visit from me very soon *_*
the next bird is annabelle but that is all i am telling you about her because she might be flying away in a swap. i am not sure if i will get time to go to the fabric store before now and when i need to send my parcel so i hope my partner will be happy with her.
she is sweet and has a matching heart! wait till you hear her what her favourite treats are... a girl after my own heart!!
ok better go feed the hungry rug rats.
%*_*% rosey


  1. I LOVE her! The fabrics are gorgeous, I especially love her wings.

    Try going to and use the currency converter, that always works for me when I have trouble figuring out pricing. :)

  2. Oh my gosh they are so cute...let me know when you find a cute little birdy that is partial to pink and doesn't mind hanging out in my office at work and would like to live in southern california, she could fly to the beach!! (but when you find her, mark her mine and contact me on my blog so I will know!!)
    It was great to have you post on my sight today. Thanks for your thoughtful words!!!