Saturday, February 14, 2009

introducing 'kankle', possibly the ugliest bunny you ever did see!!

you know when you start making a prototype and your head fills with all these great imaginations of the most gorgeous and unique softie ever... then you show it to your husband who is sitting on the couch and he goes 'errrr that sorta looks like your dad'!!! after you dry your tears from crying and laughing at the same, you have to give in and admit defeat. now i dont think that my dad is ugly at all, on the contrary he is quite a handsome old fella even if he is sporting the hair do similar to a cockatoo at the moment...but his body is similar to this little bunny. dad has skinny legs which lead up to a heavier top half just like kankle.
where does the name kankle come from? i hear you ask... well two lovely ladies out there, kris from tag along teddies and linda from kiss noises or lilly cottage (same person one blog is home other is work) once told me never to point out the bad things in my stitching or craft because that is all that people will look at. the story that went along with this was, for a long time a man admired this young lady in his office, after many weeks he worked up the courage to tell her that she was so pretty she could be a model. her response was 'oh no i have fat ankles (kankles)' from that day forward he no longer looked at her beauty but just at her kankles.
this little bunny is one big kankle from top to bottom!! but to be honest the girls just adore him/her....shim. so it is back to the drawing board and i am one step closer to using my machine as hand sewing that was time consuming!
have a great valentines day, what is left of it and big smooches to you all.
%*_*% rosey


  1. hehehehehehehehehe.....oh Rosey I love Kankle!! Imperfection is perfection and I so know the Toy Society would agree with my love of Kankle as well. I shall have to give you the link and we could do a Toy Society drop together, it sounds like the best idea!!
    I think Kankle is laready loved at your house!!
    Thank you for the laugh of shis name....hahaha happy valentines day, Kiss Noises Linda that willonly let me sign off here as Lilly Cottage...go figure....

  2. I think Kankle is a handsome devil and i'm sure is getting lots of love from your gorgeous girls xxx

  3. I think he's very cute, your Kankle, I bet your little ones will love him forever.

  4. For an ugly bunny, he sure is cute.

  5. Well now I want to see a picture of your dad! :D

    It's cute! You could make one with floppy ears too, I love my bunnies with floppy ears that go flop flop flop when you flop them! (I have a very cute bunny which is sitting in a closet, now I feel guilty.)

  6. Hey Rosey! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - if the beholder doesn't see the beauty ... get another beholder! Tee! Hee! Hee! You see ... Kanlke is just fine, its all in how you look at him and obviously your gorgeous girls look at him through love-filled eyes - and isn't that a lovely gift to have!! More 'grown ups' should look at each other that way ... not in the i love you-you're my soulmate-I'm going to stalk you kind of way, just a bit blind to each other's faults! Will eagerly await "Kankle II". Bear Hugs! KRIS

  7. It was my husband who used the word and introduced me to the concept of "cankles" (he spells his version with a 'c'); he said the fat ankles look like a continuation of the calf, so calf + ankles = "cankles" :D

    That being said, your bun is cuuuuute! Your girls love shim (lol) and that's all that matters.

    I have had my sewing machine for 3 1/2 years and been afraid to use it. A couple weeks ago a friend came over and helped me make curtains using my machine, so I might actually use it myself one of these days!