Sunday, February 22, 2009

kankle or grankle?.. that is the question

a few posts ago i showed you my disasterous bunny prototype 'kankle'. i mentioned that he looked a bit like my dear old dad boris, and this sparked an interest in what my dad looks like. well i managed to snap a few photos of him today to see if you agree. here is kankle and here is grankle, same skinny legs and broad torso... even his hair reminds me of the ears on my bunny.
so what do you think? should i make some more kankles??? do you see any similarities? on other exciting news... my etsy shop is empty thanks to the sale of my first bird to my good friend miranda. she is new to the blogging world but you can find her gorgeous little blog justM here thanks mirr you make me feel like my dream can become a reality.
when i get the time i will update my shop with some more birds, hearts and easter decorations.
and on the subject of easter decorations, pop over to my other blog agapanthas and goldsworthy to enter my easter giveaway. you have until sunday the 1st of march so you better get hopping (get it hopping, get it? i crack me up!)
below are some shots of my easter decorations which i hope to have up in the shop some time soon.
easter bunny dreaming of the eggs he has to deliver soon
sheep dreams
have a great week
mmwwahh %^_^% rosey


  1. Hey Rosey! Congratulations on your first sale!!! I bet there are many more to come , just as soon as you get more pretties loaded on your site. As for "Kankle" and "Grankle" ... hmmmmm, yes, some similarities there - both loveable! Tee! Hee! Hee! More Bear Hugs! :0) KRIS

  2. LOL@krankleyour silly Rosey,LOL I love the easter decorations.Im in love with the lamb very cute.

  3. Good morning Rosie,
    You made me have a good giggle already today.. Great way to start off the day.. Your sweet things have personalities all of themselves..Love the easter lamb too.. adorable.. Blessings for a wonderful day.. ~tea~

  4. Congrats on your first sale!

    Regarding dad vs bunny:
    While they both look very nice I must say the resemblace is NOT big enough for me to hop on a plane to Australia. Hope your dad (or bunny) isn't too disappointed by this. I was very excited to see the pictures though.

    ♥ visit me at

  5. Congrats on your first sale at Etsy, well done you I'm sure there will be lots more.
    Take care.

  6. Hooray for your first sale! That is super exciting, Rosey. :D Heheh, love the pics of your dad, he is a handsome fellow isn't he! I think you should definitely make more Kankles, they are too cute to resist. :)

    All my love! xoxo

  7. Just found your blog- and it made me laugh- love your crafts as they are really quirky but pretty as well.. good luck

  8. Well, I think if Dad had just turned his feet out at right angles in the full body shot, everyone would have seen the uncanny likeness for sure. :-D

    I think you should make more Kankles AND make some Grankles. Even some Grankles holding hands with Kankles. Oh and during our weekly conversation this morning Grankles seemed very amused and kinda proud that you had taken comparison photos of him and Kankles.

    Kiss, kiss. x

  9. Yes Grankles definately . If your Dad wants to be famous that the way to go ! Yay for your first of many sales .
    clares craftroom

  10. You've captured grampa's essence beautifully in my opinion. I'd buy one, and I like the idea nita had about a kankle and a grankle holding hands, you should do that.

  11. Oh Rosey so very very cute!!! I personally love kankle and I think you should make some more and a little story book to go with know the adventures of Kankle and Grankle.....I know you can do it.
    The Easter decorations are divine!!!! Woohooo you so can sew and with a wonderful imagination to boot!! Kiss Noises Linda

  12. That post did make me laugh.
    I am so glad that your swap went well. :)

  13. Your easter ornaments are so adorable rosey! well done!

  14. How funny....I am still laughing....and I too love your Easter ornaments..

  15. Congratulations on yr first sale! I wish you many more to come!

  16. New to your blog - started giggling at the first post! I think your dad looks so kind and lovely.