Sunday, March 15, 2009

what treasures would you hide?

i saw a pattern for a coin purse a little while ago and finally had some time to make one the other night.
it is only my first attempt but it really is sweet and the girls all want one.
after making it i thought the next one will have to have a ribbon attached so that it can be hung around their necks and when not in use it can hang from a bed post or doorknob.
sweet matching ribbon mkes my heart go pitty pat!
this little chick is hiding an easter egg but my girls will hide little treasures for sure, things like painted rocks or beads or tiny fairy figurines.
sweet little pouch at the back for all your treasures.
like a little back pack
fits into the palm of your hand!!
what do you think, cute or what?
i will be back later in the week with a finished product.
%^_^% have a great week


  1. Ooohh how sweet is this?! What little girl wouldn't just love putting a little treasure in this.. Great idea..PERFECT for putting candy in as well.. I'ld wear this !! hahaha.. You are adorable and your items always bring a smile and a giggle..Thanks for sharing ~tea~

  2. I'd put chocolate in there, but I don't think it would stay there for very long! :D


  3. So cute!! Perfect for an Easter Basket and holding little Princess treasures!!!
    ♥ Teresa

  4. MEEPS... so cute!!

  5. You are a clever chook .
    clares craftroom

  6. That is just about the cutest thing ever.

  7. Adorable!!!!
    (and teehee on the famous comment ;) :D :D )

    I love how you have a pic with your bird hanging from a branch in the shop. Perhaps you could hang them outside in a tree, take pics in a garden?!!! Then again it might take away from the creation itself.

  8. That is so cute!

    To answer your question you left on my blog. I buy my nests. I think most of them came from craft stores. I think I have bought some online but I can't remember where.

  9. You are so clever. That is adorable. Makes me wish I was a little girl again just to have treasures and cute little purse to hide them in. Great job!!