Saturday, March 7, 2009

super chick

i had a dream that someone would buy my little party chick... and it came true!! my gorgeous niece renata from natas little place (who is a talented jewellery maker and miniature bead artist) couldnt resist the little chick on a stick from the previous post.
well i have been at it again and have come up with.. super chick!
she will deliver your eggs faster than the speed of light! she is oh so sweet and so much fun to dress. it was very fiddly creating such small eye holes in that mask but worth it. she comes complete with removable cape and is in my etsy shop right now.
i have tried to make up for the american dollar by not including shipping for aussie customers.
i have something different in store for the next chick on a stick and would be happy to take custom made orders, the ideas are endless.
enjoy your weekend, i am!!!
%*_*% super rosey


  1. Hi Rosey,
    You are too funny, You always make me laugh (out loud).. Darling little chick on a stick..You're so creative you are !!! Thanks for the giggle, and you have a wonderful week-end..hugs ~tea~

  2. Heehee! I love the chicken - I have a super sheep at home!

  3. Ha! Super chick is great!

  4. I love all the chick goings on here, I have a thing about easter chicks, I enjoyed your blog. Thanks.