Monday, November 9, 2009

i have my doubts...

do you ever have doubts about whether your hand made items will sell?
do you ever wonder whether you are wasting your time?
do you think that all your efforts might not actually pay off?
i try to remember what i did with my nights before i started crafting...i was never idle, always reading or doing a puzzle of some kind and of course school preparation. since i started this blog and stitching i feel guilty if i don't pick up my sewing or if i don't work on something towards creating a stall. actually i don't know if guilty is the right word...i think i am worried that i am doing all off this work in vain...what if it doesn't sell?
i just know that you will all have words of wisdom. the one constant thing about blogland is the huge support and genuine want for others to do well. i will leave you with just some of the things i will try to sell when i am ready to have a stall.
the photos are not that great sorry, some are turned the wrong way and the colour isn't perfect but you get the idea.
birds, hearts and garlands
babushka charm to hang where you wish
pastel chalk boards to write whatever you wish
babushka and kokeshi brooches to brighten your day
so there you have it, my little whine for the week...
i will be having a little give away on my other blog agapanthasandgoldsworthy very soon, that is assuming you want to win anything i make....(there i go again!) i will post here when i have organised myself.
smooches for a great week ahead.
%*_*% rosey


  1. I know what you mean! I have many 'doubt' days! I make something and I know that if I saw it in a shop I would love it and buy it, but, because I made it, it doesn't seem good enough! I suppose having that doubt, spurs us to carry on and try and make more! xxx

  2. Hi sweet Rosey !!
    All your creations are adorable, and I KNOW they will sell in your booth .. when people fall in love with what you do, they follow you to the end .. Your sweeties always make me smile, and at times I have to giggle .. they look so loveable .. keep on doing what you LoVe ..that is what truly matters !! Happy day to you Rosey friend ~
    hugs ~tea~xo

  3. I just create and make and if I sell Then "Beauty".
    I have had many Nay sayers and Oh Cupcakes are old hat now...But I make them Because I love them!
    It is a good thing to have this creative outlet for yourself.
    AndI would be surprised if your goodies are not Popular!
    They are so unique...And those Chalk boards...They gotta sell!

  4. Rosey you will be fine, your creations are simply lovely and the moment someone comes up and is excited about your stall remember to smile big and say 'Thank You' and not 'Do you think so'. Lots of our reaction to art/craft is an instinctive gut reaction ( one that causes you to run to a stall that has something different and some colours to attract you) and you can't MAKE people say your things are nice if they don't mean it.
    Once you get our and do the market you will be fine ( and by the way Friday nights are so OK with me). I don't know what I ever did with my evenings/day/life before either but I know I miss it when I can't do it...we need it it is part of our soul now.....we are feeding our souls ( and if it is midnight and there is chocolate in the house, our bodies as well).
    Such a long comment sorry...but don't doubt your lovely self...Kiss Noises Linda

  5. Your makes are really beautiful and I am sure they will sell, but I know what you mean, We put in such a lot of work and worry that we are wasting our time. But in your case I am sure not! Suzie. xxx

  6. I can't imagine your things not selling!! It is a lot of work, but you should see results.

  7. Very normal getting the jitters, it's what keeps us on our toes . You'll do so well you'll wonder where the doubts came from .

  8. This post reminds me that deep inside the seem so perfect lady lies a human being... Relax, dear, it's very common for artists to think so, but we're learning by doing, aren't we? Maybe in the next years, you will already know which item will sell and which won't. Just like McDonalds, you will know your cheeseburger and fries, but you will always have to try for something new right? In Indonesia McDonald's' Mc Porridge is best selling. I know that this is the worst analogy, but I hope you'll get what I'm talking about.. Best wishes!

  9. I think most people who are creative wonder if what they love and what they make from their hands and their hearts will ever measure up or have meaning for someone else. All you can do is follow your heart, follow your bliss, do what feels right to you and the rest will work itself out. All your items are so sweet and lovely. I feel the same as you-- and every day, I feel like I must make something or the day is wasted. Best wishes to you and stay positive! :) Tammy

  10. We all have doubt days and I guess for crafters it's more personal if things don't sell as we do put our heart and soul into our creations. Blogs are great for getting feedback so my thoughts are that your little dolls are too, too adorable. They will fly for sure!

  11. ALL the TIME.
    All the time. I mean, I am fully convinced that what I'm doing is worth something but HOW in the world do I reach enough people, how will people find me without expensive advertising, when will the economy turn around etc... I sometimes feel quite bitter because those who start out with a lot of money have it easier to get more while the opposite is also true.

    Thank you for your lovely comments, there was something you wrote a while ago which made me all warm and happy and I was so stressed out and wanted to reply properly but couldn't. Now I realise that I get that feeling most of the times when you comment :) :)

    I'm doing sales taxes today, gah! And I'm so very very behind on my book keeping and don't know how and it's chaos.

  12. Hi Rosey, Well I think we all feel that way will someone really like what I create, We alway put so much time and love into what we do, I really love your creations thanks so much for your kind words Have a beautiful night Lisa

  13. Does your friend teach in Kuwait or another part of the Middle East? :) Tammy