Sunday, November 15, 2009

time for a change

strange things have been happening around here...i have learnt how to fill a bobbin, put said bobbin into the right spot, thread the needle on the sewing machine and actually confidently sew fabric with a smile firmly on my face. i did have a little set back when the sewing machine wouldn't play nice, but after talking with the lady at the sewing store i realised that perhaps my thread was cheap or old and then when Linda visited for a coffee she spotted that i had two different types of thread on needle and bobbin which is apparently a no no. so with all that knowledge in hand i turned this...
into this...
i am so proud of myself and sort of feel like there is no stopping me now, that is why i am changing my "brand" name from 'i cant sew' to 'itty-bitty and pretty' i will still run under the icantsewcreations blogspot, but as i venture out into the markets i wanted something a bit prettier.
i have been busy stitching up items and working on other designs for my stall. i just have to share with you something pretty i have been working on when i am not sewing.
these pretty hand filled and embellished baubles will be on sale as well, so much fun to make but time consuming.
i will place the bunting in my handmade and etsy shops but you could also win a set in my give away which i will post about soon on my other blog agapanthasandgoldsworthy
here is a bit of what you could win...
i will let you know when i post about it...
have a great week
%*_*% rosey


  1. Well first off love love the new title.I just think its so cute.

    Secondly the Christmas type banner is so cute and love the bauble things as well.Looks like your coming along just fine,great to hear.I cant wait to see what your giveaway will be.

    Take care and have a nice Sunday Rosey!I missed the girls today,give them all a big hug!

  2. I knew you could do it and what a great job you've done, there will be no stopping you now.
    I love the bunting with the christmas trees, gorgeous fabric, think I will have to look for some of that.
    Thank you for the comment you left me on FB, you bought a tear to my eye.
    Big (((hugs)))
    Beki xxx

  3. I love your new name ! You'll be great mates with that sewing machine in no time .

  4. Congrats on getting the sewing machine under control. Itty bitty and pretty definitely desribes your little soft creations. I love the banners. And your new header is very cute for the holiday season. Sleigh bells ring, are you listening ... blessings to you, :) Tammy

  5. Good on you for making it official ! Yes you can sew! I have proof!

  6. So if I had a good sewing shop Lady and friend s to swing by I too May be able to sew???
    Love the bunting! Love themm!
    And those babubles...Where do you get the inspiration???
    I need Ideas for My kids? They just want to make Christmas stuff all the time!!!!

  7. That's great - you'll be away now with a machine! I saw some bunting at the markets yesterdayand thought to myself that I must make some for Christmas! They look wonderful.

  8. Yea!!!!! You were so multi-talented already and now you've added another skill to your repertoire.

  9. Wow Rosie, your away, life will never be the same without that machine. x x x

  10. Really pleased to hear from you by the way! x x x Missed you x x x

  11. I think the name change is a great idea - was so excited to see your bunting on the madeit finds email!

  12. Very cute job you did, you should be proud!!:)