Friday, December 18, 2009

inching slowy out of my box...

last night when all the girls were tucked up in their beds and mister was snoring quietly on the lounge room floor...i took out my paints and brushes and turned this
into this
inspired by a post by the fabulous miss Vanessa of a fanciful twist, i have been dreaming of making my own for some time now. i have this terrible human flaw that i am sure everyone has..self doubt. now i am not saying these are perfect and when compared to Vanessa's they do not even come close to her level of cuteness, but i am so happy with my first attempt. i have no clue how to do faces but i have realised that less is best.
these little elves are ready to fill up Santa's sleigh with toys :p
they are cute from the top of their little heads to the tips of their toes.
i am slowly dabbling in different mediums...i have a craft table full of bits and pieces that i want to have a go at but am too afraid. i really cant explain how i feel..some of you have the very sensible advice of ' have a go. what could possibly go wrong? and if so throw it out and start again'
i understand that advice, but i still find it hard to start. i know that i really want to have a go at a few more of these clothespeg people. i didn't varnish this lot as i followed Vanessa's blog, but i might varnish my next to see how it turns out.
anyhow, i want to gift these to someone special..i hope she likes them...what do you think. if you were gifted them would you be happy??
stepping out of my box felt good and the response from my biggest fans has been encouraging. i might just do it more often :)
learing how to make a traditional indian curry today, so once again i am stepping out of my box.
smooches for a great weekend.


  1. ooohh they are adorable! i love their dotted shoes!

  2. I'll come over and visit your gorgeous peg people , what time will the curry be finished , lol !

  3. I think they are wonderful! Putting yourself out there and trying new things can be so hard, but oh so worth the effort. Hmmm, I think you might have said something encouraging like that to me recently. ;0)

  4. They turned out so sweet and cute! I think I have some of those pegs around -- maybe I should have a go. I know how you feel; so many things I want to try, but just getting started. So many talented people, and could I ever measure up? I think homemade, handmade gifts are the best and I would adore getting these little guys all wrapped up for Christmas. Wishing you a wonderful weekend! Indian Curry is yummo! Blessings, Tammy

  5. Not to sound repeat myself as I already gushed over these on FB, I LOVE them! They're too cute!

  6. you are sooo talented Rose - We love your stuff !!

  7. They're so cute, i'd be over the moon if I was gifted them and I think a whole family or army of them would make a wonderful present for a little one.
    Now, if only I had more time, oh and a steady hand of course.
    Wishing you, hubby and the gorgeous ones a very Happy Christmas and a joyoue New Year
    Love and ((hugs))
    Beki xxx

  8. Hi Rosey,
    Your creations are always soo sweet !! You make everything sparkle !! I wanted to drop in to wish you and yours a very Merry, Blessed Christmas .. May your New Year be filled with only joy and happiness .. You continue to inspire me ~
    Christmas hugs ~tea~xo

  9. It's Christmas morning where you are now...
    Hope you have a fantastic day.... x x x

  10. Very creative, Rosey...I've had to put my sewing on the back burner for a bit, as we're fixing up my father in law's home, in preparation for having someone move in to help care for him...Can't wait to sew again!...Katie