Thursday, December 3, 2009

on a roll

hows that song go...don't stop me now, having such a good time, havin a ball... that's me and making bunting!! i have just finished my 4th set, 2 of which have been sold which makes me think i should list the pretty little girl set...
anyhow here are some night time photos of my latest set. i will be listing them in my online shops as soon as i get the chance but if they grab your fancy, leave me a comment and we will work something out :)
great red and green flags with minty treats and Christmas trees!! click on the pictures to enlarge them
ok off to get ready for another big day tomorrow.


  1. Hi sweetie...
    So pretty and colorful. Job well done. Great pics too. Have a beautiful day.

    Country hugs...Sherry

  2. You are on a crafty bunting creating kinda roll! Have fun! :) Tammy

  3. Just so cute Rosey.Love them on the curtains.

    Your just turning into such a busy bee,lol.

    Have a great day/night.

  4. Gotta love bunting! I love that you're just churning out the cute crafts. Keep up the good work! xo

  5. Hi Rosey,
    You are on a roll. These look great.

  6. I love bunting, it is so cheerful, as is yours in the lovely colours that you have chosen! suzie. xxx

  7. I'm a bunting freak. They're ridiculously pretty, aren't they?