Sunday, February 21, 2010

geek chick is in da house

i know that Easter is still a little while away but i have started making a few little bits and pieces to add to my online shops. i have only had a few sales but those few sales have made me so very happy, sort of addictive really. the problem with hand made as opposed to commercially made is that i am constantly questioning myself whether other people would be interested in my taste or work. i guess if i add my work to my shops it isn't costing me that much and who knows someone might just like what i have to offer. ANYHOW... i have popped this little fella in the shops
i like to call him Geek Chick @_@ he is a keen gardener and an avid reader as you can well imagine :) he did have a sister who liked to party. she was one of my earliest sales... and lives over here.
here is party chick next to super chick who also flew away to live with someone else (forgotten who sorry) however Easter bunny chick is still available and would love to fly to a new home
aren't they the sweetest, such charisma, such charm! i have also been busy using the machine, yes i know shock horror! i made a set of Easter themed bunting which will be in my shops after this post as i intend on adding it tonight.
pretty blues and pinks
would brighten up any Easter display or simply keep it up all year round. bunnies and teddies holding on tight to their balloons
7 scrummy flags on white tape.
feels great to have actually made something. i need to get my groove on and make some more, i would like to hold a market stall before Easter...depends on how much i can make! i have so many ideas and started projects i just need more hours in the day when i am not mother, house cleaner and wife #_#
off to list that bunting into the shops.
have a great week ahead.
%*_*% rosey


  1. Love your cheeky chicks! Has made me feel all spring like! suzie. xxx

  2. Wouldn't it be lovely to have more hours in the day?
    Love Geeky chick, he is super cool.
    Just picked up some little chicks myself to create with so hoping to catch a couple of hours tonight.

    Love and ((hugs))
    Beki xxx

  3. Forgot to say, love the bunting too and would love to see you hold a market stall xxx

  4. Cute!
    My Daughter still has her chick on a stick from your Easter giveaway!
    I too just want more hours in the day or a cleaner! lol!
    Hey Luv have you finished work yet??

  5. Oh so cute ! Where can we order these extra hours ?

  6. Hi Rosey,
    these Chicks are very cute. Thanks for the reminder that easter is not far away.
    I better pull my fingers out!

  7. Cute little chicks!! Oh for Springtime to get here! That would mean I need to have my grands' Easter clothes finished though, and I don't.

  8. Sweet little chicks! Looks like you are sure getting good with that sewing machine!

  9. Well, hello fellow mother! For us it's always so many things to do, so many inspirations, so little time.. :D

  10. Your little peeps are so cute! Not everyone is crafty (or can sew -- moi included) so there's always someone looking to buy handmade and handcrafted. Keep plugging away and enjoy the process. Many blessings, Tammy

  11. Good Morning Rosey,

    The way time is flying easter will be here before we know it! Love the little chicks and bunny flags.
    Have a beautiful day Lisa

  12. You are a complete nut case.
    I don't know why I travel so far to see you !
    lots of love as always x x x

  13. Hi Rosey,
    Ooohhh LoVe to see all your sweet creations .. Your work looks like such fun to me .. these little chicks could warm anyones heart .. they all have their own personalities .. Watch out sweet one, those chickies will be a mutiplting .. you know they do that right :0

    You have a wonderfully,beautiful day ~
    hugs for you