Wednesday, February 17, 2010

i made something!

some days feel like i am just chasing my tail and i seem to have a crafting table full of half finished projects. i like to console myself with the fact that i have recently washed 3 sets of blinds and am gearing up to do the 2 sets in my bedroom tomorrow. however i am embarrassed to say that i think i cleaned red dust from last years storms! that's how long it has been since i have dusted the blinds in the girls rooms.
i did manage to sew a set of Easter bunting which i haven't been able to photograph as it has either been melting hot or too overcast to take any decent photos. i have also been painting bits and pieces but haven't enough confidence in myself to show you my efforts. one thing i did make and like is this Easter tag which i gifted to one of my customers.
i am besotted with old world style pictures, this just reminds me of my childhood and picture books i would read.
even though i am happy with the stamping on the back i regret putting the two little stickers on as they sort of take away from that old world feel.

i guess i have been reminded over the past few weeks that your first attempt may not always be the result you are most happy with and modifications to the original design will only lead to a superior end product. i will be making many more Easter tags and cards and i am sure i will be learning along the way.

any tips would be appreciated, think of me as your protege

off to create some more :)



  1. I like to take the paper tags and glue a pretty paper to both sides and *then* embellish it.

    Cute image!

  2. Hi my sweet Rosey ~
    Sweetie, I feel like I'm chasing my tail everyday .. ALWAYS alist of what to do, BUT, somedays, I do my what I want to do list (more fun).. hahaha .. I was Even thinking about cutting my tail off, that would fix that problem !! :):) you're tags are adorable, and very VINTAGE looking .. LoVe that !! You have a hppy my friend, and go do something fun, the blinds can wait til tomoorow ~
    love to you

  3. Crafting and cleaning....Thats sorta my life!
    Love the tag but yep the stickers are not in keeping with it all.
    But you know that!!
    Thanks for all the encouraging words.

  4. What you only just cleaned off last years storm dust !!!! I think I still have dust from the last century .....

  5. I have dust everywhere to clean and I just keep putting it off. Ugh! Your tag is cute. I've started cutting up old cartons and boxes so that I can start creating more tags. There are so many folks out there making the most gorgeous tags! Very inspiring. Wishing you all the best, Tammy

  6. love it, but too early too early! I can't do easter yet.

  7. I love your tag! The trouble with dust is that it is a persistent beggar! suzie. xxx