Wednesday, April 7, 2010

playing with paper

i have been having so much fun making my own tags and cards, some of which i have already used the rest i will want to try to sell at the markets one day...
now just pretend the lighting was good and the photo is clear and you were looking at it to buy.... what would you want to pay?
this is the first card that i have created.
my cards aren't all going to be birthday cards, i am sort of letting the card 'speak' to me and then let the words and composition come together.
i love the vintage images that can be bought and the embellishments are just so pretty...i am spending way too much money on bits and pieces of 'must haves'
i also love the wonkiness of my stamping, it adds to the unique handmade feel.
so back to the original much would you want to pay.. i was thinking between $4.00 and $5.00...some of you actually sell cards so you might be able to give me a good idea :)
i haven't searched etsy or madeit yet...i guess that might be a good indication of what people expect.
well i am off to make some more!
hope the rest of your working week is great.


  1. Your cards are lovely. Etsy is a good place to do price comparison. When selling single cards you have to make sure you are covering costs and have a profit that's worth your time. Good Luck!

  2. my daughter makes and sells cards. Most of hers are $5. I think it depends on how much embellishment there is, etc... These are gorgeous.

  3. They are looking really good rosey...You have really got your groove on girl!

  4. Hi Rosey,
    These cards are great.
    Have fun selling them. Always hard to put a price on our hand made stuff!
    Happy creating,

  5. Hi sweet Rosey,
    These are again ADORABLE .. I think 4-5$ is perfect .. that's about what everyone is charging for them .. How original too .. Such love you put into these my friend .. hoping your week is a fantastic one ~
    hugs ~tea~xo

  6. Your cards are nice. I like the shape of the stamp letters too. Gives it a vintage look. Your peg dolls are very sweet, too. And those adorable chicks on the blocks just too cute. I've bought handmade cards in the past between $2.50 (for a small quarter sized folded card). So you are probably in the ballpark. Happy crafting! Tammy

  7. I love the Oh deer one! Your cards are lovely! suzie xxx