Friday, April 30, 2010

something for the boys

i have been crazy busy creating stock for my first market stall. i am so excited as well as a whole lot nervous. if i sell ONE thing i will be over the moon!! i wonder if that is a natural state of mind for marketeers?? anyhow i have been doing an inventory and i have enough to get me started as i am sharing my table with my darling niece Renata. i will do a mock set up of my wares tomorrow and take a picture to share. basically my prices range from $1.50 to $22 which i think is quite cheap! something for everyone but mostly the females in the family. children, tweens, teens, mums, nanas, boys and dads can all find something that takes their fancy or would be the perfect gift for the special someone in their life.
here is a sneak peek at my latest creation...
toy soldier peg dolls
little moustaches..oh so cute
blue coats and red coats, not historically correct uniforms but good enough to fight against each other ~_~
plus i have been busy painting up these chalkboard frames that mister moo created for me. i have to shabby them up so that he can finish them off.
5 pastel, green, pink, cream and antique white. these are my dearest items at $22 each. they come with a hand made felt eraser and bundle of coloured chalk. perfect mothers day present...
so if you are looking for something to do and live in Brisbane, why not take a trip to the petrie markets, daybro road petrie this Sunday the 2nd may from 8-2pm. you might just find the perfect gift and card for your mother or loved one or something for yourself!
wish me luck


  1. Gah! These are sooo cute! I want the chalkboard, I want the chalkboard.......
    I am so super duper busy with my first "big" income tax & boring stuff like that but in a week I'm going to be at a spring market too and I realllly need to work on items for that - like a madwoman. After Monday when the taxes stuff has to be finished. Eeeep! Do I sound stressed out? Well I am! But now I'm off to a forest party where there will be veggie sausage and kaffekask (coffee with booze in it, which I believe I taught you exactly a year ago).

    BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!!!!!!!!!

  2. Your makes are truly lovely and I am sure you will be very successful! Have fun! Suzie xxx

  3. Oh my god, these are tooooo cute!! I love them!

  4. Hi Rosey,
    These toy soldiers are very cute.
    I'm sure you and Renata will have plenty of fun at the market.
    Looking forward to hearing all about it.

  5. Those chalkboards are going to walk out the door!
    How I wish I had a Hubby handy with a router!!!
    But those little soldiers???? Where On earth did you get that idea! They Are awesome!

  6. Oh Good luck Rosey...I am as sick as a dog but will be there to cheer you on and perhaps I might NEED one or two of your treasures...can't wait to see you, Kiss Noises Linda

  7. very cute peg dolls! your design is so clever. good luck on the market stall too! Happy weekend Rosey!

  8. thanks gals!! i got the idea for the toy soldier off the red tulip humpty dumpty egg carton at easter time. silly me threw the box away so i googled images and came up with a few different ideas. not perfect and not historically correct, but cute enough :)

  9. Good Luck for Sunday Rosey. Your going to have a fun day and sell heaps.

  10. Oh the Peg dolls in uniform!! How cute!!

    That's OK Rosey, we always have our busy time, and friends won't mind about it :)

    Glad to have you back!