Monday, May 10, 2010

the name game...

a big warm hello to you all on this grey and overcast Monday...the day started out so sunshiny and bright but the rain is falling and my tootsies are cold! after a very restful mothers day i managed to whip up a new little softie similar to my other babushkas but with less felt, more fabric and a little bit bigger.
i hope to make a few of these and have them nestled in a basket waiting for a new home along with a few other softies. these dolls are small enough to fit in a small childs hand, easy to grasp and although it has a sequin on it i feel that it is small enough not to pose the threat of choking.
now my question to you is...what do i call these new little plushies?? i have this little bunny design i worked on last year, i have only made this one and am yet to attempt another..
i would like to make enough to fill a little basket and then have a tag on the basket with a cute little name for this eclectic bunch of far i have come up with these two choices...
'itty-bitty port-a-pals' or 'itty-bitty buddies' what do you think?? are either of those names good enough? or can you think of a better name?!?
i would love to know what you think. i wont ask you to price them for me cause i know how hard that is :)
i am also working on another design, why? cause i love to send myself batty 0_o
hope you had a wonderful mothers day, i did. totally spoiled yet again.


  1. Oh they are cute! The bunny is very sweet and I think itty bitty buddies is a wonderful name.
    Create away! I am glad you had a lovely Mothers Day.
    Thank you for coming to visit me at the markets. You and your gorgeous family, make my day and when the girls call out 'LINDA, LINDA' it makes my heart melt ( and I feel a bit like a superstar hehe).
    Kiss Noises Linda

  2. Oh How cute!
    You just keep em commin!
    I like the itty bitty buddies.....Very apt!

  3. p.s. i muat mention that the babushka idea came from a book that was gifted to me but i very similar to the babushkas that i make just a whole lot easier :)

  4. I love the name itty bitty buddies especially since they aren't all babushkas but bunnies and others(?) too. They would be cute as household decorations also.

  5. 弱者困於環境,智者利用環境~~加油!.........................

  6. I also like the name, but for the babushka type, maybe itty bitty bushkas, and the bunnies, itty bitty bunnkas, you can do kitkas, and dogkas, monkikas? (monkeys)
    And call the whole collection buddies.
    I love the vintage, happy look to the bunny fabric.

  7. loving the little babushkas :) very cute xx