Thursday, May 27, 2010

how regular are you?

strange title?? well thanks to some wheeling and dealing by the lovely Linda of Lilly cottage Renata and i will be regulars at the petrie markets. yep same spot every 2nd and 4th Sunday and in our place the famous Linda and her van of pretties will be on show. so each Sunday you will be sure to find something pretty, handmade or vintage to give as a gift to someone or yourself. i forgot to take along my camera so i cant show you shots of what was sold but along with some lavender hearts and other pretties, a heat wheat bag that looked like the one in the picture only with the pink fabric
and the cutest little panda bag charm that was taken home by a gorgeous tween.
sort of like this little shroom girl (turn your head or your computer to see her the right way up) only it was a cute cute cute panda with a stick of bamboo.
so i have a bit of a break until the 13th of june, our next market date. i have some other ideas up my sleeve but will also make a few more heat wheat bags using the other corduroy colours that i have. Renata and i have also talked about a Christmas in July themed Sunday so keep us in mind if you wish to host your own festive party and wish to gift your guests with something christmassy and handmade.
check out my other blog (my family blog) agapanthas and goldsworthy to see how badly my little one cut her head...
off to have a cuddle with that little one.


  1. I want to see you in a van of pretties! er.. I mean your creations. Must be fun!!

  2. Sounds good.
    And how cute is your shroom girl!
    Is there a limit to your design ideas??? wow!

  3. That little shroom girl is so cute! Fantastic news about the markets.

  4. How fun! Very cute items. I wish there was such a thing as a regular market around here as well!

  5. Hi sweet Rosey girl,
    What fun homemade sweet treasures by you .. Soo happy that your market is going well .. For sure will keep you hoppin', but, that's a good thing ..

    There is alot of boutiques here that do Christmas in July, I think that is a fabulous idea !! Get 'em early .. Christmas will once again be knockin' at the door .. LoVe when you share your creations .. You are always sooo fun .. Happy, wonderful day to you sweet one ~
    BiG hugs ~tea~ xo

  6. Glad your market went well. With such great items to sell I understand why! Thanks for your encouraging comments on my blog!!! I love getting comments from you. How is your daughter's head?

  7. I think I had your email address at one time, but I can't find it. I would like to email you. If you don't mind to email me at I'll reply to you.

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