Saturday, July 31, 2010

more fun with paper

first of all THANK YOU for the mini art lurve from the previous post...your positive words keep me going and inspire me to create more and more.
last market day was a little wetter than we anticipated so sales were little lower than we anticipated, however 2 of my mini art canvases now live in a new home. 2 sweet little sisters bought the little fairies and of course one girl had strawberry blonde hair and the other had brown hair, perfect match for the 2 minis they bought. i will make some more of the fairies for next Sunday the 8th of august... EEEPPP!! cant believe that it will be august tomorrow!
and in true Brisbane winter weather we have hit tops of 25 and 27 degrees the last couple of days which inspired me to make these pretty butterflies.
i still have to add a few ribbons to tizz them up a bit but they will be available for the small sum of $2.
it is nice to go to the markets and be able to buy something when you have little ones with you.
and these pretty butterflies sure are affordable.
i made these many years ago, before i had a glue gun and i would hang them with fishing line around the middle to brighten up the reading corner of my classroom.
i love making affordable items at my stall, that was always the best thing at Lilly cottage, my girls were always able to buy something with their pocket money...gosh i miss that shop! (Linda can still be found online, just click on the link and can be seen at the markets at petrie as well as other parts of Brisbane)
anyhow, if you cant make it out to the markets and you see something you like, you can always contact me on email or visit my online shops to the side of my blog. these little fellas are currently up for sale.
at $10, this little fella will be the talking point of your boys room.
and the smaller canvases are only $8, handmade gifts are made with love and always different!
well thats it for today. not sure if i will be back before next sunday, so have a great weekend and an even better week ahead. you never know, i might see you out at the petrie markets next sunday :)


  1. I love those butterflies!!! And could'nt agree more,When you have kids there is nothing better than giving them a couple of dollars they can spend along the way....Little girls will adore your pretty Butterflies.
    Your amazing with all you are pulling out rosey!

  2. OOOooohh!!!

    The Butterflies, the butterflies!!!

    LOVE those. You are so clever :D

  3. You are just so imaginative. I love these butterflies. I used to love finding these sorts of things for my nieces when they were young. I'm sure they will be a big hit.

  4. Wow Rosey you have been so busy. The markets sound as if they are going so well and you are making such great things and it seems as if you make something new every week! Your little canvases look really good and are such a reasonable price too.

  5. Thanks for the link to the photographer's site!! Very interesting & fun to see others' styles!