Tuesday, July 13, 2010

super quick post

i have been working my fingers to the bone trying to get enough chrismassy stock put together for our 'Christmas in July' market day this Sunday the 18th July out at the petrie markets. come visit our little stall, we wont bite and we wont make you buy anything, you might just feel compelled to buy something from my SALE table!
Renata has been quilling her heart out and has created some amazing cards, you seriously must check her blog out here
i wanted to have so much more made but holidays + crafting = zilch output. holidays are over and i seemed to spend all day at the shops running errands for the home AGAIN. i have promised myself a day at home tomorrow but secretly want to go shopping for clothes...i begin relief teaching this term and already have next Tuesday booked for a prep class at my girls school. cant wait but would also like a new outfit to boost my esteem :) OK enough chit chat, i have crafting to do!
i have added a few photos of some of my offerings. come see our tree and grab an early Christmas gift!
i sold out of these last year, very pretty one of a kind glass baubles.
scented hearts to hang in your closet or brighten your day.
scented birds and Christmas tags.
of course all of my usual goodies will be there as well.
now i have Bing in my ear sing happy holidays...


  1. all so sweet- love the glass bauble! I wish you lots of luck and lots of sales at the market day ♥

  2. Love the galss bauble...No surprise they marched out...so pretty!
    Good luck with it all

  3. i'm not celebrate christmas, but that is the cute way to make christmas is so fun fun....


  4. have the scented hearts, machine or hand sew?

  5. 唯有學習不已的老師,才能認真的教,唯有燃燒自己,才能點亮他人的燈............................................................

  6. i hand sew my hearts, birds and lavender filled dresses. and lots of other things too! i do love the sewing machine though, much faster :)

  7. Those are really cute! I love the hearts!