Sunday, August 22, 2010

more than just a pretty pincushion

since my last post the new employees of 'Lilly Cottage and Friends' had a brief staff meeting to go over the finer points of our joint venture. with all the laughter and non stop talking, i have a feeling that this will be a great and open partnership and a shop where all of our talents will be showcased in the prettiest way imaginable. we will not be having one section for each crafter, no no no...our pretties will be all over the place, creating pretty pockets of pastels, bold sections of colour or corners of themed items, just like the pages of a pretty country home magazine. of course it would not be possible without all of Linda's gorgeous stock, but now that we are definitely opening the doors on the 29th of August and each Sunday there after, i am able to start creating new products that are a bit more fragile.
here is my first attempt at a pin cushion! i have filled the jar with some bits and pieces which might just inspire the new owner to create some lavender hearts or a little softie or even embellish a cushion.
there is so much i love about this neat little starter set...
i have filled it with 3 spools of ribbon and 1 spool of lace (2 metres each) and matching thread (6 strands of 1 metre each)
and matching buttons to get a little project started.
it will be available in our shop next week along with all of our products and much much more.
ok my little friends i am off to continue sanding the old cot which will become part of our display. fun and games i tell ya! lovin every second :)


  1. I love how you sound so happy and I love your jar, it's gorgeous!
    Can't wait to see piccies of the shop :)


    B xxx

  2. Such exciting news! Sounds like you are having lots of fun. Good luck for the big day!!

  3. Very exciting! I love your pin cushion! Susie xx

  4. Rosey- I am so excited and happy for you- I wish you lots of success! I love this little pin cushion jar- what a wonderful idea!

  5. love the colourful ribbons! what a good idea on storing it on a peg! thanks for sharing!

  6. Thanks for popping by, to the famous person, he he!!,
    Your new venture sounds wonderful, you must let me know where so as i can pop in when im Brissy bound.

    I think these colours are in now, and i adore your pin cushion - oooh so lovely - I want one.....

    I Just Love That Fabric

  7. what a clever idea. So pretty and practical.
    I love your ideas