Saturday, August 28, 2010

open wide, come inside...

the time is upon us... tomorrow at 8am we throw open the doors of Coutts Cottage and welcome you in to Lilly Cottage & Friends! i managed to pop in today to take a few pictures of our little shop and of course tomorrow we will be spread out onto the veranda and spilling out on the lawn. if you do happen to live on the north side of Brisbane or are wanting to treat yourself to a lovely day out, then visiting the Petrie Markets is a wonderful way to spend the day. not only will you find our lovely little space but so much more. apart from the wonderful food, you could visit Trish and Alan in their unique fabric store or Marion who sells amazing country style gifts and home wares actually the list is endless.
i will leave you with some eye candy to urge you to make the trip or to satisfy those of you who live far away...
this is one of the trees we will be spending our morning under. (cute kids!)
this door will be open waiting for our many customers {~_~}
fancy a chalkboard or a mirror? we have it all!
amazing how all of our work ties in together without planning it at all. the wonderful mixed media painting by Linda on the wall with one of Renata's amazing quilled cards and some of my napkin art canvases on the shelves with the sea theme as well.
embellished miniature bottles.
a gorgeous corner of the room..
something pink,
something purple,
and something romantic...
there, how was that?? feeling as excited as i am? the best part of tomorrow is that i DO NOT have to unpack or pack my car!! yippee. of course the second best part is spending the day with Linda and Renata and selling our pretties %*_*%
well i best be getting off to bed, have to be up bright and early for our first day.
p.s. thank you for all of your support and encouragement, it means the world to me.xx


  1. Good luck for your opening day, I'm sure it's going to be a great success!

  2. You must be well into the swing of things by now, or just getting up and about to "go for it".
    Best of luck Rosie :-) x x x

  3. oh- Rosey- it's all soooo gorgeous! I wish I could come see it in person! good luck- I'm so excited for you!!

  4. It's so exciting! Oh Rosey I am really glad for you and Renata. You two are just so talented!

  5. Oh wow, the shop just looks fabulous. How exciting for you and Renata. Your love for what you do shines through in all of your creations
    Good Luck