Wednesday, October 6, 2010

bad blogger...

it seems like ages since i posted some of my wares so i have a load of photos to make up for it. i didn't manage to get out to the shop last week so i have a few things to take out this week. i wish my hands could keep up with the ideas that are swimming around in my head but i just cant seem to find the quality time... 3 curious children get in my way 0_o i tend to leave creating until night time, when they are alll tucked up in bed, which is not always productive as i end up feeling way too tired and unmotivated. i am waiting for that time in my life when my children are bored with me and think that i am way too uncool to hang around :)
i have been working on this little display shelf which is perfect for holding miniatures. it started out life like this... and i transformed it into this 'flea market/bohemian' style creation. i had fun using the gorgeous Japanese papers i bought from Trish, i love visiting her shop!
it is just perfect for housing a mix match of items.
this little owl needs a little 'bling' before she rests on this shelf...
i have the urge to glue gun this bird into place, it is so sweet...what do you think?
i was lucky enough to find a couple of very kitsch deer ornaments, i don't even know if i want to part with them.
this one even has a beauty spot!
a little bit more for you to swoon over...
and finally a couple of sweet cut crystal bud vases and a indulgent book all about bedrooms. what more could a girl want!?!
so there you have it, i hope to add to this stash of items before sunday. i have some great ideas for new products and i hope that tonight i get to start on them. i will give you a sneak peek if i am happy with how they turn out.
happy hump day


  1. How gorgeous all of it ! I loooove the deers , just beautiful !

  2. Your shelf is so cute! I adore those green owls :) I need to see more of the embroidery- beautiful!!

  3. I love it Rosey and the Japanese fabrics really make it come alive.

  4. Love the shlef Rosey, of course the bird too.Thanks for the nice comment on my blog always nice to see you.HUGS!

    Happy Friday!

  5. lol@my spelling that was shelf not shlef ha.

  6. We are all waiting for that time in life, and when it does come,we will probably deeply want to go back to now!