Monday, October 11, 2010

gotta be quick

our day in the shop yesterday was wet, yet i managed to have a great day despite the rain. i guess it makes it easy when you are surrounded by pretty cushions, lovely hand made bags, collectible china and much much more... as i had my camera there i thought i better takes some photos of some of my makes that have made there way out to the shop but not been posted on here. and lucky i did as these two found a new home. they are a Nelly Pailloux patterns that i have turned into bag or phone charms. little red riding wolf and a messenger bear who was holding this message... so darn cute!! taking photos of things that sell seems to happen quite a bit, whenever i choose one of Renata's cards as my favourite it ends up being the first to sell or if i look at Linda's blog most of the photos she posts have items in them that have found new homes.
these two frames were for our 'girly' theme they are just lovely and perfect for a shelf or wall in a little girls bedroom. and i have been having oodles of fun tizzing up an Eiffel tower! i simply cant get enough of these ivory paper flowers!
well i best be off i have 4 children home today because the rain is just to extreme to venture out into and i think they might be killing each other.
please head here to see our cottage and the new face lift she has been given.
have a great week


  1. Well great to hear things are going well.
    Those phone dangles are very cute! You have made huge progress with your stitching.
    I am liking the sneek peek of the eiffel tower....My sister is in Paris at the moment....and other places nearby flights away!

  2. Those are sooooo cute! I love your stuff - my fav is the messenger bear.

  3. Hi Rosey,
    Good to hear you made the most of the miserable weather with some photo's to show us.

  4. Hi Rosey,
    Your little phone dangles look amazing...seems like you're making different things every week and keeping yourself very busy creating lots of new things.

  5. The Messenger Bear and the little surprise he has on his bag! Darling!

  6. Cute phone dangles. Time to stay inside and create is definitely a positive side to the bad weather outside. Saw it on the news last night. Hope you don't get flooded out.

  7. the cell phone charms are so adorable!! Glad to hear the store is doing well :)

  8. I love the messenger bear. I want to make him into an tree ornament. Heart!