Monday, November 8, 2010

cottage pretties

just popping in with a few photos of my latest makes which are now for sale out at the cottage. i am in love with these items and will one day make some as a feature for my family room wall. i didn't get any photos of my Christmas baubles which have all sold out...but thanks to the lovely Linda and her mad dash to the suppliers i will be quilling ( well my version of quilling) my little fingers off and there will be plenty of baubles for the festive season!
super sweet and a great addition to any room
an instant change to a bare wall
these can be used year after year, a wise investment
and these doily fairy lights are so sweet!
i just love them and need to make some for my family room.
there you have it fabric hoops and doily lights. the baubles are stunning if i do say so myself and sold well last year too. i am working on some more shabby Christmas pieces and i am swooning over my latest version of a garland...will give you a sneak peek one day soon.
best be off, miss 4 is demanding that i make her an iced coffee...such fanciful tastes don't you think?


  1. I love those doiley lights!
    So pretty!
    We have a iced coffee "thang" going on round here too!

  2. I was loving those doiley fairy lights when I spotted that napkin bunting in the background, just like the one I seen & loved at the Old Petrie town market. Hang IS the napkin bunting I seen at the Old Petrie town market. This is such a gorgeous shop.

  3. I have always love embroidery hoops. Round, merry, and bright!!

  4. Aaah I am loving your hoop trios love love....hmm have an idea...will speak to you later...Kiss Noises Linda...Iced coffee huh...maybe decaffienated might be in order for Miss 4...she so reminds me of the squirrel thing on Over the her!

  5. Hi Rosey, would love to catch up if you email me we can talk directly Lisa P.S. Love what you have been making