Monday, November 22, 2010

couldnt be prettier!

our little cottage just gets prettier each week. Linda has been hard at work these last few weeks, i just love coming to work on a Sunday to find new items to ooh and aaah over. Renata brought in some gorgeous quilled Christmas cards but i wasn't fast enough to photograph them before someone snatched them up! i have a feeling she will post some pics on her blog here. and my glass baubles sold out in a jiffy which means that i will be doing nothing but baubles ALL week!
anyhow i did manage to take a few photos, wish you could all visit in person...
care for a cup of tea?
birds and flowers on the main display table.
here are some of Renata's amazing quilled snow flakes and Christmas cards...there were more on here but i wasn't fast enough to get a picture :) a wonderful way to use those vintage napkins... pillows, bears and soaps oh my! isn't this bear just lovely!?! a very special lady makes these...each of my girls has one...each one is different but equally gorgeous. the Christmas tree is a nice mix of shabby and traditional my favourite corner... I'll take the shelf and everything on it please!
puppy love... and a little taste of Linda's sense of humor...yes the cat is in the bird cage...either the bird flew away or the cat is no longer hungry :)
did you enjoy that virtual tour?? i love going to work, i get to sit and stitch and talk to lovely customers all day... not really sure if i should call it work at all!
enjoy your week and thanks for popping in...will be having a Christmas giveaway very very soon.


  1. What a lovely tour Rosey, I wish I lived closer to visit, although, I think I would be very poor!!!!

  2. Yes It must be great going in their....It it's all pretty!

  3. Great photos Rosie, you did a beautiful display job and I love having bears in the cottage is beginning to look full and truly scrumptious with more goodies to come...aaahhh
    Kiss Noises Linda

  4. Thank you for the tour Rosey...Lovey pics of your work place..My type of job..hehe..
    P.S Drop by my blog anytime... :-)