Sunday, April 24, 2011

easter wishes

hard to believe we still have two more days of Easter holidays to enjoy, it seems that being busy makes the time go slower...
i managed to work out at the cottage last weekend and had a lovely time arranging displays and looking at all the new pretties that Lindaa has made. the new room is open and is filled with scrummy childrens clothing and toys. you cant help but smile when you walk in the door. for some reason i forgot to take any photos...actually the only photos i took were of the veranda displays.
anyhow, the photos below still have an eastery theme, i guess next Sunday the displays will be all about mothers...
the new sign Linda had made, fresh and bright just like Linda!
sweet little little blue bunny from the previous post found a new home.
i hope that your tummy isn't too sore from all that chocolate.
i am trying to get a bit of stitching done before this Sunday..i am teaching 3 days this week so i am not sure how far i will get. it is my aim to clean the craft room so that i can see what colour ribbon and threads i need to finish off my projects. i have some lovely ideas in my mind but it is finding the time to make them that is proving to be hard.
anyhow, enjoy the next 2 days off.


  1. Happy Easter Rosey! God bless you and your family circle.

  2. You did a great job at displaying Rosey. Hope you're having a relaxing Easter with your lovely family.

  3. Hope you have a lovely easter break. loving the displays I poped out to visit on the weekend and the shop is looking lovely. Lisa

  4. everything in the pictures is soooo pretty Rosey! I hope you have a wonderful Easter ♥ I'm cleaning my craft room out right now too- I'm finding things I forgot I had :)

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  6. Sooo crafty beautiful! Anyway, i stopped by to tell you that i gave you Sunshine Award 2011. I hope you don't mind to pass it to. I think you deserve it. I posted it to my blog

    Wish you an inspirational week