Wednesday, April 13, 2011

mojo has been MIA

if you follow my family blog agapanthas and goldsworthy you will know that for the last 4 or 5 weeks i have been feeling a little blue...i guess the first thing to go when you are feeling low are the things that make you happy. in an attempt at kicking the blues i have ironed some fabric and cut out heaps of hearts ready to make mini heart garlands for lilly cottage and friends. it has been a few weeks since i have taken stock out to our bricks and mortar shop which of course is full to the brim with gorgeous hand made pretties made by the lovely linda. so today has been a huge step forward for me and it feels good...however i have had to stop every few minutes to entertain little miss Claudia so i haven't gotten as far as i would have liked.
lots of hearts cut and ready to be sewn and filled for garlands.
one little thing that i am most happy to share is my fabulous idea for storing my fabric. i think it is a great idea and perhaps has been done before but it is new to me. i must admit it isn't quite finished yet...i would like to finish sanding it down and giving it a nice coat of cream or pastel pink paint but it will do for now.
don't you think it is a nice way to recycle the side of an old cot?
now perhaps my ironed pieces of fabric will stay ironed rather that scrunched up or folded in messy piles.
so that you can see the other pieces of fabric underneath simply pop the fabric through the back
and if i space them this way you can see each fabric design and group them in colours for easy sorting...why haven't i thought of this before!?! cool idea don't you think?
before my mojo went missing i had started making some Easter items to display out at the cottage. i made a few packs of flocked card Easter bunnies that could be used in your Easter display
and some quirky bunnies..not too sure if these are Lilly cottage worthy...
and one of the great things about Lilly cottage and friends is that you can always find some quirky second hand trinkets to feather your nest...if i like it i am sure someone else will too ~_~ some of these are heading out to the shop.
well there you have it... i am slowly clawing my way back and am looking forward to heading out to the shop this Sunday. if you have nothing to do and would love to get out and about, come and say hello we are at coutts cottage in old petrie town dayboro rd
ta ta rosey


  1. My mojo is also missing but I'm hoping to rectify that today as I have a couple of ieas of things I want to make.
    Love the fabric storage idea, really wish I'd kept Jacks cot now :o(

    Beki xxx

  2. Oh dear Rosey I hope things start looking up for you , anything I can help with just let me know , xxxx

  3. I hate it when the creative mojo leaves :( It looks as if you are really slowly leaving the blues behind, I hope that as each day passes you feel a little bit better. I love your idea for you fabrics- just brilliant! Your little bunnies are sure cute too! Big hugs for you Rosey ♥

  4. Dear Rosey, I'm really glad that i found you and how you could step out, even if in hard days but important that you just don't stop. And aha! It's a brilliant idea, paint it like creamy shabby chic and with those pretty fabrics is outstanding. I will wait for your picture of the result. And I like your craft, make me want to hug! Do you know that your response just such a living up effect for this morning, warmest hugs:)

  5. The blogging world and snap comes to mind this week :-)
    Really good to see you Rosie.
    I will be back :-)xxx