Saturday, September 19, 2009

let the stitching begin....

school holidays have started with a bang, literally! my 7 year old just slammed the door after a fight with the middle child. 2 weeks of fighting is going to drive me round the bend. i have of course 9 weeks of long service leave to look forward to and i can guarantee that i wont be keeping anyone home from school with me on those 9 weeks!
anyhow onto other important that i have taken my teacher hat off, i can concentrate on filling the order of hearts and birds which will become a shop front display at funky fabrix come Christmas time. i started cutting out last night and am 1/4 of the way finished... i think i will finish these before i cut anymore out ...
great fabric chosen by shona.
off to start stitching.
check out my new online shop front at madeit, the link is on my side bar. i only have one item listed at the moment but when i find some time to load some more i will.
have a great weekend
%*_*% rosey


  1. Oh that does look like fun fabric....happy sewing! I keep hiding from my children but they keep finding me....
    Hope you are having a great weekend,
    Kiss Noises Linda

  2. Ummm that was my comment not some random weirdo...why did it do that to my name???
    Kiss Noises again. moi Linda

  3. happy stitching and have a most wonderful weekend! xx

  4. Lovely Wubbly Jubbly!
    Great fabrics and going to make great Birds.
    I too am One day into the holidays and going Nuts!
    My Kids are sending me there Really faST!
    Hubby working the qwhole holidays and me and cuppie orders and I even made Pizzas with the kids...
    Yes only one day in and Pizza making,Rignht after I mopped!
    I am nuts That is a Given!

  5. Pretty fabric ! Wait and see how often the kids`want to stay home from school ! I've had my 14yo home aaallll week with wisdom teeth and no wisdom does not come with the teeth , now I know !!!!

  6. Nice fabric.Has a Christmas touch to it.I cant wait,its into fall here now.

  7. What gorgeous fabrics those are! Suzie. x

  8. Hi Rosey,
    Ah bliss, school holidays. My babe is 16 next week. Believe me, it does get better.
    Enjoy your girls for the first two weeks, then kick back for the next nine weeks.
    Oh, that fabric is gorgeous. Can't wait to see the finished items.

  9. Hi Rosey,
    Such sweet, fun things you always are whipping out !! Hoping your holidays go smooth and quick.. back to school they will go ..hahaha..Have a happy week-end..
    hugs ~tea~xo

  10. Love the combination colours here Rosey...have a peaceful holiday!!!!!!!

  11. Hi Rosey, Oh the joy of children on holidays I am already counting down the days till they go back to school, I love them so much and would not have it any other way. Love the fabric you are using, that reminds me I need to start on christmas stock for the website. Just finishing off a big order at the moment. Have a beautiful Evening Lisa

  12. Hi Rosey,
    They look very Christmassy. I don't know how you got anything done on the school holidays.