Friday, January 29, 2010

how much would you pay?

hello out there...i have a little request. i have managed to find a little time to make two more peg dolls after falling in love with the process at Christmas time (see posts below). i have managed to create two similar ladies but with enough differences for you to say which you prefer.
question 1... front facing so you can only see one leg or side facing so that you can see two legs but they are on the side? (does this make sense?)
front facing so you can only see one
side facing so you can just see them but turn to the side and you can see them fully.
i have given them different outfits veronica is wearing a ruffled dress while Monica is wearing a 'sequined' top and white skirt.
they are both topped of with a sparkly sequin in their hair and a set of 'pearls' around their neck.
question 2...which dress do you prefer or are they both acceptable?
question 3... are they pretty, appealing enough to pop in my online shops and if so...
question 4... how much should i try to sell them aus$ or us$ please stipulate sorry i don't have a shop that deals with pound.
i am in the process of building myself a light box so that i can photograph them properly and place them in my shop. that should give you enough time to answer my questions:)
almost reached 100 followers, might have to have a give away if that milestone ever happens....
these little peg dolls really are sweet in real life and would be perfect for a teen or that someone special in your life...add it to the wrapping of your valentine present or slide the card into her body and pop it on a pillow. show this post to the sweetheart in your life and say 'i want that' convo me if you want one before i pop them in my shop (positive thinking i know)
have a great weekend.


  1. Cute! but not as cute as the ones you made me...they are special. OK I think front facing is good but you need to draw in a division for her legs, so she has two legs, one looks a little odd. Side facing her crutch is way too high, it is making my eyes water.
    Their outfits are both divine and their faces are so sweet...yep I think they are worth putting on your site, they are your creations.
    I have no idea on price though,sorry.
    Big Kiss Noises to Lili today too.
    Hmm I don''t think I follow you on the blog thingy, I might do it and be your 100.
    Kiss Noises Linda

  2. yay 100 followers at last and who better than the lovely linda to be 100!!
    great tips will keep all of that on board

  3. Congrats on mastering a new craft. They are both pretty cute indeed. I love the outfits but I think Veronica just edges out Monica in the sartorial stakes. Good luck with them in your shop.

  4. Gorgeous, I like the one with the ruffle dress and yes put them in your shop.

  5. I like the side legs,But front is fine though yes make it end in two legs the one shoe leg just ain't happening for me.....
    The dresses faces and expressions are both divine.
    Cost....$2.50 each???

  6. I'm still laughing at Lindas eyes watering !Yes one leg but divided as Linda said , very , very cute !

  7. I think the front one with a painted division like the above suggestion too! Really cute! suzie. xxx

  8. this is good...i was thinking around $4 is that too much??

  9. I think 4.00 is just fine.I myself love those Ive seen them around.I am just going to get myself a big bag of clothespins and make some maybe in the spring or summer.Nice project to do.

    Have a nice weekend rosey!

  10. Congrats on 100 followers!
    Both dresses are very cute. I like the one with two legs. I'd say around $5?

  11. I like the one with the 2 legs but do agree her legs go up a bit high. So maybe the front facing one should have 2 legs. They are very cute but I have no idea how to price them. I struggle with that all the time!
    Congrats on the 100 followers, it's a goal I'm trying to reach myself.

  12. I like the front view idea with the painted division. $4 would be perfect.

  13. great advice from everyone thank you thank you thank you.
    will get cracking on a whole ensemble of beauties to put in my shop. when i find the time of course :)