Saturday, January 16, 2010

little bit of trash = a whole lota treasure

hello all, back from our trip away and have finally found some time to post about the two books i bought while away. caloundra has THE best stocked Angus and Robertson book store, i spent ages thumbing through all of the crafting books that were piled on the shelves. i did give in and buy two gorgeous glossy 'have to have me' books and i don't regret one penny. of course i did other things while at the beach...
*read trashy mags
*walked everywhere
*bared my flesh in the sea
*swam in the public beach pool without getting my face wet so as to avoid 'peoples juices' as my children would call it!
*giggled under the water fountain
*drank lots and lots of coffee
*enjoyed watching my girls and mister moo frolicking in the waves
*braved some waves myself
*played the newly purchased Wii
*ate at our new fav family restaurant..hogsbreath
and much much more. we had a great time and it is now back to reality. i start back this Wednesday after 16 weeks of leave. i don't at all feel prepared but am lucky to have a very laid back but totally professional teaching partner who will remind me of how it all works.
anyhow here are some pictures of why i had to have the books
i think i bought the book cause of this wee gal.
the collectors book is full of great tips and easy to read descriptions...
and the pictures are to die for.
my sister has something similar to this...don't you just love it!
and talking about collecting... my little family seem to have become collectors of all things pretty and kitsch. we took ourselves out to the local trash and treasure and spent a few pennies.
i couldn't resist this swivel mirror (missing mirror but still lovely) and the tins are just what i need to store my ever growing crafting supplies.
these two in the middle look right at home after being rescued from that nasty trash heap. i really wish i worked at the trash and treasure place, i think it would be so much fun!
and this is micks purchase...he spotted it just as we were leaving.
it squawks quite well but needs a great deal of TLC but certainly looks great just on display the way it is. i think we need to stop collecting as our house is becoming over run with it all. not sure what friends and family must think?...
i haven't crafted since Christmas eve and it is really getting me down. i cant see a time when i will be able to at the moment as there is so much to do. on top of my work preparations, i have to cover school books for my girls which seems to be a staggering 20 each!! plus labeling all their pens and what not...i need a personal assistant just to get me through the next 6 weeks @_@
so i guess this might be a bit of a boring old blog for the next few weeks, till if find some time to create something. i have so many ideas but no time...i hate relying on money for so much. if it weren't for money i would be a house mummy.
ok enough of that, i sound like a broken record.
off to bed and then to work for the first time in 16 weeks
enjoy your Sunday
%*_*% rosey


  1. Oh I love that Felties book! After you get into the swing of things I know you'll find those small spare moments that you can use to create! Don't let yourself feel down! (((HUGS))) ;0)

  2. OH gorgeous books! With Mr Moo's accordian and my vintage chook raffle machine thingy we could start a most interesting decorating trend!
    Honey don't worry about your creative stuff, you will find time and there must be a reason why you are teaching again this year. It will be somebody needs you or you are going to meet somebody who will change your'll see. You will get to be a house/crafting Mummy just maybe not this term/year.
    So lovely to see you the other day, you must visit again v.soon. Kiss Noises Linda

  3. Hi Rosey,
    Soo glad to hear you had a wonderful holiday.
    Ah, shame you have to go back to work.
    Oh, those books look great-I want that page with the little babushka. I recently bought some felt but don't really know what to do with it.
    I can see an old/vintage style painting in that swivel mirror.
    Take care,

  4. PS: I hope you get some ME time after sorting out your gals school stuff.

  5. Great holiday finds love the frame even without the mirror .

  6. lovely treasures! love the frame & tin ♥

  7. Lots of good sounding fun.
    I too am dreading being back on the juggling rollercoaster of working,running kids and house!
    It has been nice to be outta sync.
    I have much I did'nt get done and will brew over it but hey stuff it....I denie my kids of enough mumma time as it is.
    So enjoy as uch as you can all the preparations .
    I will be doing it too,So we can think of each other!

  8. Hi sweet Rosey,
    Oohh what fabulous books you found as well !! you had a wonderful treasure hunt .. Don't you just LoVe it !! I know what you mean about being busy ?! Crazy !! the days just roll on by .. Soo happy you dropped in to say hello !! Hoping you have a fun, creative day !! You're the BeSt ~
    hugs ~tea~xo

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  10. Hi Rosey,
    Can't believe your back at work again. Loved all your holiday finds especially the felties book!
    (I'm wondering if you know what the comment before mine says??!)

  11. ok- I'm not a crafter, I'm a writer, but I LOVE that little Babushka and want to make a bunch for my girls now. I don't know if I can't thank you exactly, it'll probably be ten or fifteen years of intense sewing struggle before I complete them ;) nice job. Very cute.

  12. Cool are always welcome to route around our artic and relieve us of some of it.
    x x x